The Region Expansion Of PUBG Lite For Registering Event

Miramar June 7, 2019 PUBG Lite Events

PUBG Lite Beta Test is coming to new regions: Brazil and Turkey for an amazing event with awesome rewards. Let’s find out how to join this PUBG Lite event now!

PUBG Lite Beta Test will now come to more regions for the registration event. As you know, PUBG Lite region problem has become a hot thing concerned by lots of PUBG Lite players. You may have become much familiar with this sentence “PUBG Lite unavailable in your region“, causing some players to be unable to join the game with other friends from around the world. But now, no more worries about this thing as the Beta Test of the game is now expanding its service to two more regions, including Brazil and Turkey.

To celebrate this great expansion to new regions, an event has been prepared and players can join this PUBG Lite event for awesome gifts:

  • For: All PUBG LITE users
  • Event Period: May 9th – May 22rd

How to join PUBG Lite event

Step 1: You have to click the button that says “CLICK TO PARTICIPATE” between May 9 and May 23

  • Just log in with your current account, then simply click the “CLICK TO PARTICIPATE” button.
  • For the new users, you must create an account then click the “CLICK TO PARTICIPATE” button.

Step 2: Done! The participation is finished, and now you can enjoy the event.

PUBG Lite event rewards

There are two rewards giving to players joining this PUBG Lite event: Tiger M416, Cheetah Parachute

PUBG Lite Event Rewards

Distribution Date: From May 23 to May 24

Distribution Method:

  • For Brazil and Turkey users: The rewards will be sent to you via the email you logged in with.
  • For other servicing region users: You will get the rewards in your inventory in the game.

Don’t forget to pay a visit to the official Facebook page of PUBG Lite for more awesome events coming out!

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