Revealing PUBG Lite Patch Notes Update Of July 18

Miramar August 1, 2019 PUBG Lite Patch

Check out the latest update for PUBG Lite PC! You will get access to some new features and find out what bugs have been fixed to better the gameplay.

PUBG Lite new update for PC is finally out with some key updates! For all PUBG Lite players, it’s time to take a look at the latest update to explore some new features, new contents, as well as new bug fixes in order to upgrade your gameplay.

Important updates for PUBG Lite for PC

Realistic Bullet Mark Based on Bullet Caliber

The  game developer create graphic design base on realistic materials
The game developer create graphic design base on realistic materials

The bullets that had the size of a dot had been fired a lot. Now, to make the gameplay more realistic, the PUBG Lite dev team has modified the bullet mark based on the bullet caliber.

Radio Message

You can access the radio message by pressing F3
You can access the radio message by pressing F3
  • PUBG Lite for PC now includes the radio message feature
    • You can use this feature in all PUBG Lite modes, including duo and squad.
    • The radio message wheel can show by just simply pressing the mouse wheel or pressing key F3.
    • PUBG Lite radio message feature contains 8 messages in total that you can pick from, and as soon as you choose one, all members will spot you instantly on the left side of the screen.
  • You can use Ping and Enemy Spotted in many circumstances. They can be utilized faster with separate key bindings.
    • Ping: Click the mouse wheel scroll or hit key F3.
    • Enemy Spotted: You must click the mouse wheel twice or press F3 twice
  • There are many interactions in Ping
    • Choose Ping that is close by a certain item, then you can send the name with the area of the pinged item to your teammates.
    • Players can use Ping on Care Packages or death crates to share their area.
    • Ping the direction that you want to step forward in order to send the direction to your teammates.
    • A marker will be automatically placed on the map by the features above. It will become handy to use with the Tactical Map Marker.
  • With “Enemy Spotted”, you are able to share the location of an enemy you have caught instantly.
    • You can utilize “Enemy Spotted” at the area of the enemy in order to mark it on the map then send it to your teammates.
    • Messages will change by distance
    • Close Range: less than 50M
    • Medium Range: less than 200M
    • Long Range: at least 200M
    • “Ping” and “Enemy Spotted” transfer messages to teammates within 500M
  • “Need Ammo” functions in a dynamical way, with the message indicating the kind of ammo of the weapon that is in your hands.

Team Management Settings

  • By altering the team management setting, you will be able to stop the messages from individual team members.
Now you can manage each person in your team
Now you can manage each person in your team

Mission List

  • The mission status can be checked and viewed in real-time by simply pressing key P while playing the game.
    • The setting was changed so the players would not be able to alter the language during the game to stop users from getting bewildered with the explanation in every mission.
  • Already updated the newest version of lobby UI and features.
The misson list helps you to keep track on what you need to do
The misson list helps you to keep track on what you need to do

The conclusion of the season

The short-term operated season system in PUBG Lite will finish. Both leaderboard and individual stats will disable due to this end. The season system remake in order to bring a better game experience to all players. There will have a new set of seasons with rewards release in the forthcoming update. Make sure you keep track of this and try not to miss any important information!

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed and fixed the exhibition of the status image of users that joined training mode on discord.
  • Repair a problem about players being capable of looking through a wall when they crashed into a building wall while keeping ADS in their hands and tilting.
  • Fixed a problem about reloading action that could not be called off although players were looting an item, using a door, vaulting or entering the passenger seat of a vehicle.
  • Fixed an issue about the helmet of an enemy that could be spotted from a certain distance.
  • Sound Issues
    • Fixed the bug in which running, moving, and walking footsteps made no sound differences.
    • Repair the problem in which the sounds only emit the footstep sound without the material stepped on while shooting a gun.
  • Fixed the bug in which the PC would collapse while entering the lobby on certain computers.
  • Already fixed some other minor bugs too.
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