Register PUBG Lite Now! Free-To-Play Low Spec Version Of PUBG

Phoebe February 19, 2019 PUBG Lite Guides

Register PUBG Lite game now and experience a cool free-to-play low spec version of the original PUBG! Embark on completing the first step and enjoy your journey!

PUBG Lite – A Lighter Version for Low Spec PCs

PUBG Lite is also known as PUBG Project Thai. It has officially opened so you can register.

Actually, PUBG Project Thai was a program set in Thailand in order to develop a version for PCs, with a low specification which was reserved for people who could not buy the real game. Why didn’t you seize that opportunity to explore PUBG and share with your friends? It was a good occasion to introduce PUBG to the community worldwide.

However, it became silent after being tested in Thailand. That caused many people that it was an exclusive game for Thailand. But, PUBG Project Thai suddenly appeared with another name, PUBG Lite, with a global release plan. PUBG Lite is similar to PUBG Mobile Lite. It offers gamers a product which requires a lower spec than PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. According to the information on the homepage, players in PUBG Lite only need a Card Intel HD Graphics 4000 to begin. Currently, PUBG Lite allows everybody to register without paying a penny so you can follow steps below:

PUBG Lite System Requirements
PUBG Lite System Requirements

When you complete registering, remember to check your email because you will be provided with the skin of the gun M416 and a gift, for example, a laptop, a screen, or a headset.

Skin of the gun M416 and a gift
Skin of the gun M416 and a gift
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