PUBG New States And PUBG Mobile Lite: 3 Main Differences

Phoebe April 19, 2021 PUBG Lite News

PUBG New States and PUBG Mobile Lite share a great deal of differences. Explore the three major differences to see which PUBG versions suit your preferences.

PUBG New States and PUBG Mobile Lite are the two most recent versions of PUBG. While PUBG New States provides updated settings and features, PUBG Mobile Lite approaches players with minimum phone’s configurations. Both include critical factors towards users, so it’s challenging to tell which one is the more suitable option for you. If you’re wondering what the main differences between these two are, this article is for you.

PUBG New States And PUBG Mobile Lite: What are they?

“New States” is the new project of the Krafton and PUBG team. The setting of this mobile descendant is in 2051, a post-apocalypse scenario. Although the gameplay remains, there would be essential changes when it comes to weapons and devices.

The future setting promises latter-day technologies, including interactive in-game objects. The New States environment will also adopt modern adjustments to be suitable with the game time’s setting.

Meanwhile, Lite has no fundamental changes than the PUBG Mobile 2, except a much lower required configuration.

To discover all the differences between the New States and Lite, refer to our comparisons down below.

Map and Gameplay comparison

Maps of PUBG New States
Maps of PUBG New States

As usual, 60 players will compete against one another to be the last survivors, aka the winners. Yet, in the New States, we’ll have a chance to encounter a new map called Troi, which is an 8x8km open world.

On the other hand, the mini version – Lite would offer a much-limited space and, at the same time, lower resolutions. In other words, with the same 60 players, the map size is now only 2×2 km.

Required configurations

As PUBG New State possesses the Ultra-Realistic Graphics settings, players must equip themselves with a 1.5GB RAM device running on at least Android 6 to experience smoothly.

However, as the name stated, Lite only asks for a 1GB RAM device to run effectively. This advantage also comes from the fact that the manufacturer reduced the graphic settings in Lite to the lowest level.

Weapon options and latest survival features

Set in 2051, PUBG New State promises an extended range of possibilities for weapon customization. Players would be free to modify and create their unique weapons thanks to this new feature. However, the details are still secrets.

According to the press, there would be customization kits placed randomly all around the map. Once you obtain a kit, you can freely set up your weapons. Different setups bring different results.

Meanwhile, PUBG Mobile Lite keeps things modest and minimal. All the weapon options would be the same as the original ones.

PUBG New States And PUBG Mobile Lite: Which one to choose?

We bet all the information above has given you a close enough look at the differences between these two PUBG franchises. Depending on your available configuration and device, feel free to go with one that suits you.

While Krafton has just allowed users to pre-register the PUBG New States, Lightspeed has released a PUBG Mobile Lite beta. If you want to download and experience PUBG Mobile Lite, click on this link.

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