Discover PUBG: New State Troi Map And Tips To Play In Top 4 Hottest Locations

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PUBG: New State Troi map is a new map with a series of interesting locations for single and team survival battles. Discover about it now.

PUBG: New State Troi map will be a hot topic to discuss today! It is a new map that was revealed recently in the latest video from PUBG Studio. It promises to be one of the most popular maps with a series of attractive locations for your creative strategies. Besides, with outstandingly advanced graphics compared to other games of the same genre, PUBG: New State will make you unable to take your eyes off the action on a beautiful map background.

PUBG: New State Troi map – a new exciting destination for survival gamers

As you know, PUBG: New State, a super product of 2021, was officially available on the mobile platform on November 11th. This game is still developed based on the familiar survival gameplay by PUBG STUDIOS, the company behind PUBG, the legendary game on PC. Since its launch, this game has attracted the attention of global gamers and has reached the milestone of 10 million installs on Google Play. Despite mixed opinions from fans, it still proves the great heat that has never been seen before.

Troi map will be a hot name in the new battle
Troi map will be a hot name in the new battle

Recently, Brian Corrigan, Publishing Director at PUBG Studio appeared in the latest video to talk about a topic called “Field Trips”. Here, he revealed new images of a map that will appear in PUBG maps in the near future, it is “Troi”. Thereby, we realize the huge investment of the developer for this super product of theirs. Images, game contexts, movements, … are all very smooth and vivid on outstandingly advanced graphics. Besides, everything shows true and modern beauty, promising to be a battlefield that every gamer cannot miss.

Explore hot drop locations in Troi map

Through the latest video from PUBG Studio, we will recap it and share with you about the notable places coming up. They are different from our imagination and really impress a large number of fans. You will find them to have a modern beauty that previous games did not have. So, don’t miss the following overview of the hottest locations in PUBG: New State Troi map.

Exhibit Hall, the opening location of Brian Corrigan’s introduction

According to the game developer, the setting of PUBG: New State will take place in the future after the Earth experiences a crisis and destruction due to weather conditions. Here, the ruins still remain, but they cannot hide the current beauty from the perfect works. First, it’s Exhibit Hall, an interesting landing spot for gamers who love raid style. This building is designed with two floors and is shaped like a giant Bullseye. It is suitable for high-altitude raids with ranged guns, scopes, and bombs.

Therefore, Exhibit Hall will be a favorite place for team battles, where good coordination between members is necessary. Whether fighting from above or going up from the ground floor, Exhibit Hall’s vast space and innovative layout will keep our gamers entertained.

The Mall, a hot battle venue no less than Exhibit Hall

According to the review, we found that The Mall is quite similar in shape to Exhibit Hall, the place just mentioned above. However, the highlight of this location is the two female scroll elevators that can be controlled by the player. They promise to influence the battle strategy of you and your team.

Places with innovative architecture that influence strategy
Places with innovative architecture that influence strategy

For example, it could be hiding under an elevator or direct battles on your run from downstairs to higher floors. Besides, the architecture of The Mall has also bulletproof glass. Therefore, it can help you avoid enemy bullets, but it is effective when you hide properly.

Laboratory, where there is a lot of cool technology to explore

The Laboratory has many secret rooms protected by bulletproof glass. Inside it are models of technology, machines, experimental equipment … inspired by the future. Exploring them is a passion for many survival teams, but it’s best to have a plan for your escape. The Laboratory is a location with few exits, so it is suitable for raids from the outside. However, consider stepping into it if you are far from your comfort zone. Because finding an exit sometimes takes a lot of your time if you are not really familiar with it.

Trailer Park, the final place to end Field Trips in PUBG: New State Troi map

Trailer Park is a place of rugged terrain with many narrow and steep areas. It could be a place for wars with bombs and bullets rather than a place for exploration and loot. Besides, the buildings here will be quite small, scattered, inconvenient to play with teammates and support each other. In addition, it also has many small tunnels that require players to climb to exit. So if there are different people here, it will be difficult for you to get out of danger.

Finally, we are excited to share with you the hottest locations in today’s PUBG: New State Troi map. Thereby, you can see how attractive they are for the upcoming battles for survival. In addition to the aforementioned locations, of course, there will be many other equally interesting places in this multiplayer online battle royale. So we will talk about them as soon as more information is available from its developer. Now, it’s time for you to start experiencing PUBG: New State. It is already available on Google Play to download and enjoy anytime on your phone, good have fun!

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