PUBG Mobile Scar-L Usage: How To Use This Perfect Assault Rifle

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PUBG Mobile SCAR-L Usage is some guides for players when using this most perfect assault rifle in the game. Check out this article and explore them now!

PUBG Mobile SCAR-L Usage is a question that many people wonder when it comes to the best gun of PUBG Mobile. To talk about Scar-L, we will probably take a lot of time because Scar-L has many different versions like Scar-H, Scar-SSR. Moreover, each version has its own mission. In the PUBG Mobile version, it is impossible to describe the power of this assault rifle because each of the most popular versions of Scar-L is included.

What is the most perfect assault rifle in PUBG Mobile weapons – SCAR-L?

Through many long years in the market with a series of different Battle Royale game genres, PUBG still maintains its form. Many people still refer to PUBG first when talking about online shooter games. Along with the great success that Tencent has achieved, PUBG Mobile has also developed, gaining a huge number of players.

Scar-L is considered to be one of the best weapons in PUBG. It is equipped with 5.56 mm ammunition in combat. Scar-L can be found throughout the map in PUBG Mobile. However, this weapon is said to be quite rare, with levels found much lower than AKM or other Rifle, SMG. This is probably not surprising because this gun is perfect for damage balance, high range and low recoil. Besides, gamers can also equip a variety of accessories to support Scar-L.

How to use this PUBG Mobile SCAR-L

Scar-L supports many accessories for the player
Scar-L supports many accessories for the player

Scar-L is a weapon that can attach many accessories in PUBG Mobile. Almost all gamers can mount all kinds of accessories from scopes, barrels to cartridges to this gun. In particular, Scar-L can support up to Scopes as much as other Rifles.

Players can use Scar-L for many purposes
Players can use Scar-L for many purposes

In addition, depending on the purpose of the user, the Scar-L can use multiple targets with auto mode, which can shoot near or far targets. The accuracy of Scar-L is very high, so this is the reason why users often like to use Scar-L in PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile Scar-L Usage: suitable for both short and long range targets
PUBG Mobile Scar-L Usage: suitable for both short and long range targets

Scar-L also has the ability to shoot long-range. Scar-L’s range of ammunition only loses to sight guns. When combined with 4x Scope or 8x Scope, Scar-L can be very effective when used. Of course, Scar-L is still a bit behind AKM in this regard, but overall, this gun is more effective.

Scar-L's range is quite far
Scar-L’s range is quite far

What strategies should Scar-L be combined with?

Gamers can use Scar-L to attack the enemy, defend the occupied area. Both methods are effective thanks to the gun’s high lethality and the rate of fire as fast as SMGs.

When Scar-L sets shooting mode Single, the user can combine with the rangefinder to take down the targets while fighting. Scar-L’s recoil is quite light due to its high accuracy. In addition, PUBG Mobile does not count wind as the PC version.

To equip yourself with a perfect weapon combo to help fight in any situation, you need to find yourself a Sniper while having a Scar-L. This will be an invincible combo for PUBG Mobile players.

Since the Scar-L is a powerful, quite comprehensive weapon in PUBG Mobile. So in the process of loot if you find it, please rest assured to use it until the end of the game. Having Scar-L in your hand can confidently increase your chances of winning a lot.That is information about how to use the Scar-L gun in PUBG Mobile. Hopefully this post has solved many people’s questions: Is Scar-L good in PUBG? Don’t forget to support and follow the best articles of PUBG.

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