Now You Can Spend More Comfortably With BC Free In PUBG Mobile Lite

Phoebe December 25, 2020 PUBG Lite Guides

BC or Battle Coin is the currency used to buy some special items in the game. Let's find out how to get BC free in PUBG Mobile Lite!

BC in PUBG Mobile Lite for free, like Free Fire with diamonds, BC used to buy some special items in the game. The player has to spend his own money to get BC and this is not a viable option for everyone. They look for other ways to get this valuable currency without having to invest real money.

There are a number of different ways to earn free Battle Coins for PUBG Mobile Lite. Most of those ways require you to download some mobile apps. Some go to websites that promise to offer BC by doing a few surveys, downloading apps, and playing games. Some of these methods work well, others are unreliable. Here are the safest ways to apply!

There are many ways you can earn BC free easily in PUBG Mobile Lite

Get PUBG BC Mobile Lite free with: Google opinion rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is one of the most trusted mobile apps. Users have to complete some simple surveys to get Google Play Credits and use this money to buy BC in PUBG Mobile Lite. Payments per survey vary from user to user.

Google Opinion Interface
Google Opinion Interface

GPT websites

Users can visit various GPT websites like Swagbucks, GrabPoints, PrizeRebel, and Idle-Empire to earn some money and buy BC. You need to complete a number of different missions to get points. What is more, use points to redeem more rewards. Payment options vary by region. If the Google Play Gift Card is not available in your region you can withdraw money through PayPal and purchase BC in PUBG Mobile Lite.

GPT Interface
GPT Interface

GPT applications

Similar to the GPT website, players have to complete various quests. By doing this, you are taking surveys and answering questions to get points in GPT applications. Points redeemed for a variety of rewards including receiving BC. Payment options vary widely, depending on the country. There are some GPT apps you can try are Poll Pay, Easy Rewards, or the best isClickloot.

Importantly, users should not rely on any illegal apps and tools to earn BC. Sometimes, they are against PUBG Mobile Lite’s terms of service.

BC is the currency in PUBG Mobile Lite Game to buy skins and more. GPT websites or apps like Google Opinion Rewards are great tools. They can help players get BC without any trouble, safe and legal.

Do not be foolish to use the edited APK files as mod skin. This tool is fraudulent and the system will ban your account permanently if it detected.

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