PUBG Mobile Lite Introduces 5 Tips For Playing Payload 2.0 Match Always Win

Phoebe December 24, 2020 PUBG Lite Guides, PUBG Mobile Lite

It is not easy to win every match but victory will be in your hands if you apply 5 tips to play in PUBG Mobile Lite Tips.

PUBG Mobile Lite Tips will intro a small file size giving you the best strategy to win the game. PUBG Mobile Lite is the favorite choice by many players with low profile devices. Not long ago, the developer added a new mode called Payload 2.0 to the Lite version in a recent update, allowing players to enjoy some of the great experiences of the original version.

Payload 2.0 comes to PUBG Mobile Lite as a 4-player team battle mode, where you can encounter a bunch of interesting things as opposed to the Classic mode. Winning Payload matches is not easy, but pocket the following Payload 2.0 tips in PUBG Mobile Lite, and your path to victory will become much easier.

Tips to win a Payload match easily in PUBG Mobile Lite

The most important tips in Pubg mobile lite is equipped armor as soon as possible

Simply put, you should avoid being hit immediately after you land. Hats and armor of level 2 or above will be useful in early combat situations. You can search for armor in buildings and small villas.


Team up with friends

You should form a team first to discuss and discuss strategy later. One thing is for sure, you all have to support each other at all times. If not, don’t hesitate to join a random lineup in the match.

Matching lobby
Matching lobby

Cling to means

A car not only gives you mobility, but also a higher chance of winning. You can use it to attack an enemy hideout or turn it into a portable shelter in preparation for a counterattack.

New armed vehicles
New armed vehicles

Carry a rocket launcher

Shooting down a helicopter and blowing up enemy vehicles in Payload 2.0 is possible if you carry a rocket gun like the RPG-7s. This weapon seems to be quite ineffective in close-range gunfights, but has the advantage of attacking targets at a distance.


Pick up your teammate’s identification card

Revive ID or resurrection ID plays an important role in Payload 2.0 mode because it allows players to revive teammates who have fallen through the Communication Tower. Remember to bring your teammate’s respawn ID to summon your teammates back into the game and strengthen your squad when the number is weak.

Above are some PUBG mobile lite guides to help you improve your chances of winning in every match. Try it now! Along with that version, PUBG mobile lite 0.20.0 has also been updated but what’s new in this version? Let’s find out details on our website.

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