PUBG Mobile Lite Graphics’ Best Adjustments For HD Gameplay.

Miramar April 14, 2021 PUBG Mobile Lite

PUBG Mobile Lite Graphics setting is one of the most vital factors regarding the gameplay. Learn how to adjust and fix it to enjoy your game in the best way

PUBG Mobile Lite graphics settings have always been the concern of users. Compared to other versions, the visual performance of this mini patch is way too poor. Aimed at players whose phones own minimum configurations, its graphics settings are fixed at a pretty low resolution. In other words, users have no ways to customize in-game resolution. As a result, the low display quality brings an irritating experience to some.

Yet, we have a way to overcome this disadvantage. In today’s post, we’ll show you how to get HD graphics in PUBG Mobile Lite.

How do I fix PUBG Mobile Lite graphics? Essential Guides In Three Steps

To alter the graphic settings of PUBG Mobile Lite, please follow these steps:

  • First, download file Custom.ini here
Download the Custom.ini file
Download the Custom.ini file
  • Then, copy the downloaded Custom.ini file in the Download folder.
  • Finally, paste the copied file to the folder Android/Data/Com.tecent.iglite/Files/UAE4game/ShadowTrackerExtra/ ShadowtrackerExtra/Saved/Config./Android.
Paste the folder
Paste the folder

And there you have it: the ability to customize your settings. These PUBG guides are so simple and versatile. You can effortlessly adjust the PUBG Mobile Lite resolutions on both PC and phone. Feel free to use a cable to connect your phone with your PC if you’re using your computer.

PUBG Mobile Lite Graphics Alteration: What To Keep In Mind

As the game is in beta, the chances are Lightspeed would integrate Graphics options later on. Therefore, we do not encourage altering the original data of PUBG Mobile Lite in the long run. In detail, installing a third-party application is against the rules. Tencent could ban your accounts as you violate its regulations.

To sum it up

Above is how you can alter and customize your PUBG Mobile Lite resolution settings. After following our steps, you can immediately tell the differences. The displaying quality would be much better. Enjoy your realistic HD gameplay now.

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