PUBG Mobile India Banned: The Truth Behind Its Disappearance In India

Phoebe February 26, 2021 PUBG Mobile, PUBG News

PUBG Mobile India banned is the most played game in this country. However, it was banned for many reasons. Right now let's find out what the reason is.

PUBG Mobile India in particular and the Battle Royale game genre in general have grown strongly around the world with a huge number of players. Recent years have seen the tremendous success of gunfighting genres. Over the years of “storming” on the mobile application platforms, titles such as PUBG Mobile, Free Fire and COD Mobile have garnered enormous numbers. Because of being welcomed and loved by everyone, when PUBG Mobile India was declared banned, many fans were surprised and regretted.

India is the key to success of the Battle Royale game

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular choices among players. It has a large fan base around the world.

While the PC and console versions of PUBG have been struggling in recent years, its mobile versions are booming strongly. PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular apps with many gamers all over the world. It earned hundreds of millions of downloads and users every year.

The game’s success in India is the biggest part of PUBG Mobile’s success. Up to now, there has been more than 200 million downloaded this game in India. It is one of the most popular domestic applications in entertainment. However, the game’s journey is not smooth global. Accordingly, PUBG Mobile has been monitored by several authorities for various reasons.

PUBG Mobile’s popularity has been a hot topic in India in the past. A media wave has really surfaced about its addictive nature and the ability to make players violent. Although they previously ban it in other countries and even some cities in India, the death of the game in India stems from other profound causes.

While PUBG Mobile is hugely popular in India, the nature of the conflict lies in a different dimension. In fact, growing global cybersecurity concerns surrounding Chinese mobile apps mean it is unlikely to be banned. PUBG Mobile gamers in India will need a PC version to be able to cure the battle royale frenzy.

The reason why PUBG Mobile India was banned in this country

In September 2020, PUBG Mobile fans received sad news regarding a ban on the Battle Royale game in India. As a popular game that many people love, this news has disappointed many people. Accordingly, MeitY had removed the title due to concerns about data and security. Since then, PUBG Mobile fans have eagerly awaited the game’s return in this country.

Previously, the press release on the 118 application ban in India stated as follows:

Accordingly, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has received many complaints from various sources. One of which is reported of misuse of some mobile applications available on Android and iOS platforms. This results in many people having their information stolen and unauthorized transfer of data to servers located outside of India.

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology emphasizes that aggregating these data, exploiting and profiling by elements hostile to India’s national security and defense. Ultimately, they affect the sovereignty and integrity of India. This is an issue that requires immediate and profound concern. They need urgent measures to handle and thoroughly resolve.

For the sake of India’s sovereignty and integrity, the Government has decided to block the use of certain apps. This includes those used in both mobile and non-mobile Internet-enabled devices. By using sovereign powers, India’s defense and the security of the State will be ensured.

The PIB India's post also provided information on 188 mobile apps that they will ban in this country
The PIB India’s post also provided information on 188 mobile apps that they will ban in this country

Notable moves from insiders and stakeholders

As such, popular mobile Battle Royale genres have disappeared in India for the time being. PUBG Mobile is in the list of 118 mobile applications that they ban in this country due to security concerns. These things stem from the main reason that the application is from Chinese technology corporation Tencent Holdings. Tencent is the developer of PUBG Mobile. They also have a small stake in PUBG publisher Bluehole.

Accordingly, the governments of India and China are increasingly hostile to each other. Recently a series of border skirmishes have claimed the lives of many soldiers. This has caused the Indian government to take some active action in its own borders against China.

This started with the government bringing a ban of 59 apps in the country in July. The most notable are social networking apps TikTok and WeChat. This latest block has tripled the total number of banned apps to 177 banned apps.

Consequently, the list of banned apps largely include smaller technical and assistant apps, such as flashlight, MP3 player, and photo editor. They also banned several other notable apps by Chinese companies including Huya, AliPay and Baidu. Thus, PUBG Mobile India will be banned with some other notable mobile games such as Arena of Valor and Rise of Kingdoms.

Finally, it can be seen that India is making positive moves, but it is not alone on this front. US President Donald Trump also hit a similar drum set. They ban TikTok and nearly ban the popular PC game League of Legends during this process.Anyway, PUBG fans don’t have to worry as they has announced that PUBG Mobile will return to India soon. You can completely download PUBG Mobile India to play in the near future. Please look forward to the good news from the developer of PUBG.

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