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Miramar November 14, 2022 PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile Holi Dhamaka tips will give online players the chance to compete better than others. Don't miss the tips here when you play in Holi Dhamaka Mode.

PUBG Mobile Holi Dhamaka tips are available here for your reference some strategies for better survival. It includes recommendations on where you should go, how to communicate with teammates, use useful items, and more. We believe they are useful for both new players and experienced gamers.

Holi Dhamaka mode has just appeared recently but has attracted millions of gamers to participate. That’s why you shouldn’t miss it, and at the same time need a smart strategy to compete with many others. Let’s learn about those strategies here now.

Some tips and tricks to play PUBG Mobile Holi Dhamaka

As you may already know, PUBG Mobile 1.9 is the latest update that was released recently after a long wait. It got many fans excited with a host of new features, modes, weapons, and vehicles. Besides, it also upgraded some settings to bring a smoother and more vivid experience on mobile.

Among those outstanding updates, we must mention the arrival of Holi Dhamaka mode. It attracts a lot of players every day because of its high competitiveness and many exciting new mechanics to explore. But before we start playing it, let’s explore some of the following PUBG Mobile tips and tricks

Sky Island – Great place to collect the most valuable loot

Sky Island has been added to Holi Dhamaka mode on both Erangel and Livik maps. It is a favorite landing place for many survival gamers because of its huge inventory of items. It includes a variety of medium to advanced weapons, plus level 2 or higher backpacks and many replacement gun accessories.

A suitable landing position is a basis for competing
A suitable landing position is a basis for competing

Besides, you can also find here first aid items, healing items, hats, armor, and especially colored coins, which can help you summon supplies. With such an attraction, this place often has fierce competition. But what you get is really worth it to have a favorable survival.

To gain an edge in the competition in this location, you should go to enclosed areas instead of places with open spaces. Wise hiding will help you avoid raids or direct attacks, thereby giving you more time to loot items.

Interaction with teammates is always the most important factor

If you play in team mode, communication between allies is always a top factor in battle strategy. And in PUBG Mobile Holi Dhamaka mode too. Each gamer needs to support each other in an offensive or defensive campaign, aiming for progress in survival time.

Besides, one of the players in the team can become the leader to lead the others. This person helps unite members, take charge of decision-making, call for combat, and more. The online chat feature becomes more useful than ever to do it in this mode.

Communication helps you survive better in a team mode
Communication helps you survive better in a team mode

In addition, you can use the Recall feature to help summon dead teammates. It’s a very cool feature that helps players get back into the game again without having to start a new war. At the same time, this revival also changes the strategy of the whole team.

So, among the PUBG Mobile Holi Dhamaka tips, you should pay the most attention to the Recall feature. The battle will last longer for you to take advantage of the necessary strategies alongside your teammates. You will never be alone, that is the basis to make victory in the battle royale battles here.

Use items and vehicles strategically in PUBG Mobile Holi Dhamaka

Weapons and items are always the most important things for your survival in PUBG Mobile. However, you need to know how to take advantage of them effectively, whether in an offensive or defensive situation. For example, smoke or damaged grenades will be useful to kill enemies at long range, but you need to learn how to throw them correctly.

In addition, you can use bicycles as the most frequent and useful means of transportation. It doesn’t make as loud noises like a car or motorbike and can be put in a backpack to use at any time. So, this is why it will turn out to be a great tip for you.

So, we have reviewed the best PUBG Mobile Holi Dhamaka tips. They can be PUBG guides for you to play better in multiplayer survival wars in this mode. We hope you can apply them flexibly to gain an edge on the battlefield.

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