PUBG Mobile Guide: How To Survive And Dominate A Battle Royale

Miramar July 13, 2020 PUBG Lite Guides

All tips & tricks to stay alive at the end of PUBG Mobile and win a Battle Royale are available to experience! Let's engage in the best guide and apply it now!

How to survive in PUBG Mobile and become the winner

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game that is also known as PUBG is a popular title. It’s obtainable on the mobile platform. Although the PC, Xbox One, and Android or iOS smash hit can lose some ground to Epic Games Fortnite in the great Battle Royale war, the sandbox kill-fest still takes over the Android app in the Play Store hit games with millions of downloads.

Try to survive in intense battles in PUBG Mobile
Try to survive in intense battles in PUBG Mobile

If you are a beginner to PUBG games, you’re highly recommended to recognize that PUBG is about keeping your soldier safe until the end within a 100-person match alone or with a team. Whether your style is to grab the most powerful weapons to fight against the foes or choose a more stealthy approach, there will be a few gameplay basics that appliable to every joiner including you.

Come to the best PUBG Mobile guide at present, you can seek some useful hacks to achieve the Chicken Dinner as expected.

Choose an apropriate area to land will create a good begin
Choose an apropriate area to land will create a good begin

Opt for an appropriate place to land safely

A game of BATTLEGROUNDS can exist for around an hour. However, it can end sooner, for a couple of seconds, if you cannot manage your survival. Don’t misjudge the first landing spot! It is the first thing you should notice when playing PUBG Mobile or any Battle Royale styled game.

According to the general rule, you may want to target where contains the best loot on the map while avoiding as many enemies as possible. There are numerous special areas that frequently spawn the gear that you desire, for example, Military Base, Power Plant, or major towns on the Erangel map. Note! Other persons will aim for them, too.

When you have already departed from the cargo plane, please pay attention to your opponents who are moving to a single location and evade villages like the plague.

Additionally, do not drift throughout the sky of PUBG Mobile without any purpose whilst you are in freefall! Pinpoint another area out of danger! You’d better head to buildings so you can loot! These houses will be seen as white blocks on the minimap.

If it’s impossible to see anybody, you can parachute and get close to a decent landing zone immediately. Every second you spend in the mid-air will bring back to the rival an opportunity to scoop up more items.

Loot first and shoot after that

It is the second method from the list of tips & tricks to survive and win a Battle Royale in PUBG Mobile. Keep in mind that there is no the next chance to respawn in solo play!

After landing and looting, you can gear up yourself. Crucial objects will be distributed around in abandoned structures and supply crate drops. The latter will comprise the most sought-after armaments, fr instance, sniper rifles.

Looting is the first thing you need to do in PUBG Mobile
Looting is the first thing you need to do in PUBG Mobile

It’s essential to loot in the early stage of PUBG Mobile Download! Aside from the backpack, you can acquire a half-decent weapons, ammo, and some reasonable armor. The backpack can be upgraded so it will help you store more. Don’t only rely on the power of fists and the frying pan! Any gun is better.

As in fights from PUBG Mobile Lite, the armor is very necessary to prevent hits from causing damage to your body. Similar to the backpack, the head and body armor can level up to 3. Nevertheless, it is pretty rare. Just search for Level 2 armor before collecting a scrap or Level 1 at a bare minimum!

Health products are a priority. The first aid kits are preferable while bandages, painkillers, and others will support you in a pinch. Tools like grenades will be more vital later on as an offensive or distraction device when the number of players has lowered. Throwables are great to demolish an unsuspecting group.

Every weapons have optimal range, so try to shoot in its range
Every weapons have optimal range, so try to shoot in its range

Shoot at the enemy when you’re in range

Come to fierce matches inside the PUBG Mobile game you must perform your action carefully! It may be the mistake that causes you to get killed more than anything else.

Remember to determine when to conceal and when to fire! It is considered a tricky balancing act. It’s advised to never ever open fire unless you are conscious of your equipment so you can seize a chance of hitting the target!

Shotguns (especially S12K) and SMGs are effective for up-close burst damage. Assault rifles and pistols are ideal for mid-range fights. Sniper rifles are amazing for long-distance potshots. If you are aiming at a distant foe with, Tommy Gun is a good option. Don’t forget that every gunfire will reveal your position quickly!

Besides PUBG Mobile weapons, attachments play an important role. They can extend the range of something. If you can, keep complementary weapons on hand and don’t carry two that have the same usage.

Supervise the map!

Utilize some minutes to dig deeper into the layout of certain zones on PUBG Mobile maps! When you are getting used to the surroundings, you can choose the minimap and catch up with the shrinking play area.

In PUBG games, the only safe place will bet set within The Circle. It is a ring that can diminish in size at select times during the challenge. If your survivor outside of it for too long, he will take heavy damage and die rapidly. The damage that he suffers in that electrified blue field will not stop as the circle shrinks.

Try to utilize the Safe Zone or be careful with Demolition Zone
Try to utilize the Safe Zone or be careful with Demolition Zone

Each circle in PUBG Mobile the version of PUBG PC will be found as a white outline. It’s unnecessary to rush in the early game. When you step into the last phase, you are forced to avoid them and remain in cover.

The minimap of PUBG Mobile has a final trick that you can look for. It is about the fire indicator. When the gunfire emits in the vicinity, you can look over the map and realize where it’s from exactly.

A good transportation will help you to move faster
A good transportation will help you to move faster

Vehicles are faster than legs

In PUBG Mobile Download game, you need to get somewhere swiftly. Don’s skip means of transport! Vehicles are scattered across battlefields. They usually appear near big cities and on the main roads.

While there are a lot of things to go around, there are up to 99 antagonists who are approaching them like you! The motorcycle and buggy can expose you easily although they move fast. Watch your back!

Try to find some barrier to hide and shoot the enemies surprisingly
Try to find some barrier to hide and shoot the enemies surprisingly

Hide and peek

Players in PUBG Mobile game often end with a small clan of warriors lying around on the floor wishing somebody else pops their head up first. Completely going prone is a fantastic maneuver. It is given a dedicated button. It’s regarded as a double-edged sword.

If you go in the open, rocks and the side of the building can cover you. It’s feasible to peek around the side of the cover without revealing your vulnerable limbs. Visit the Settings and select the Basic menu to see more! Turn on Peek & Fire to enable that function!

Hiding behind objects will help you to shoot another players
Hiding behind objects will help you to shoot another players

Communicate with your team

Make more friends to lessen the number of enemies
Make more friends to lessen the number of enemies

Together with Solo, you can enjoy PUBG Mobile PC with a squad. Chat with squadmates whenever you like! Further, you can involve in the Team and the Duo mode with a buddy. Talking to them to make a plan and share more! It’s easy but it is one of the ways to survive and win a PUBG Mobile Battle Royale. Don’t fight alone and you will conquer the top spot in a short time!

Attacking in numbers is much safer than dividing

After several PUBG Mobile updates, every aspect of PUBG changes in co-op revolved around selecting a place to land, the one to loot, and so on. Maintain a little distance from your friends from time to time to flank the competitor and control advantageous points!

PUBG Mobile supports native voice chat with your devices’ speakers and microphone. You can adjust the language to communicate with the team.

Learn about your maps

Discover the map carefully to find a better place to land
Discover the map carefully to find a better place to land

Learning about the map of PUBG Mobile will allow you to loot and maximize the chance to win easier. It can affect your landing and moving.

When you know of the territories consisting of Livik the newest exclusive map on PUBG Mobile, you can drive the right vehicles to deal with the terrain and the challenger successfully.

Get more rewards with the Royale Pass

Access PUBG Mobile Royale Passes and you can gain additional rewards. Since the release of PUBG Mobile Update 0.6.0, the game introduced a Fortnite-like Royale Pass with a series of prizes to unlock as you rank up.

PUBG Mobile rewards will not provide an in-game boost. You will obtain some style points with outfits and cosmetic stuff. To earn rewards shortly, try to save XP and BP!

Play on an emulator

It’s entirely uncomplicated to play PUBG Mobile on PC. It sounds like cheating. But, there is an official free emulator to do that, that was launched in 2018.

It’s called Tencent Gaming Buddy. It grants the identical experience as the mobile version, except with a mouse and the keyboard.

The emultors will bring a smooth playing experience
The emultors will bring a smooth playing experience

You can play the original PC version of PUBG at that moment, but the emulator has some advantages.

The PUBG Mobile emulator will run smoothly on much less strong machines than Bluehole’s notoriously poorly optimized game.

We have displayed how to survive in PUBG Mobile and win a Battle Royale. How about your strategies? Leave a comment and share your tips with us!

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