PUBG Lite Update: August 8, 2019 Patch Note

PUBG Lite Patch Note updated on August 8, 2019

It’s time to explore all the details of the new PUBG Lite PC Patch Note!

New Contents

They will introduce a completely different list of additions to PUBG Lite game including:

A 4vs4 Match

A 4vs4 Match
  • If you want to learn about how to enjoy the challenge with PUBG Lite 4VS4 Match, you can choose the “4VS4 MATCH (BETA)” tab on the menu at the top of the lobby screen.
  • Next, you will find the changed menu below
  • It is possible to adjust settings by selecting the setting wheel.
    • Only FPP is valid in 4VS4 Match
    • Dissimilar to the Battle Royale mode, your loot crate will not appear after death.
  • Parties in PUBG Lite will be designed in the same way as in the Public Match.
    • It is simple to held parties of one, two or three persons. But, they will be matched with other characters at random. You can begin PUBG Lite easily with the big Start button.
  • Rules of the latest PUBG Lite patch note on August 8
    • It is the collection of methods to conquer an encounter when you play PUBG Lite and more.
    • How to end up a fight as expected
      • The team in PUBG Lite will have to make enough 30 kills first to win.
      • In case the duration of the trip exceeds 10 minutes before either group hits the goal, the clan with the highest counts will be the victor.
      • It will lead to a draw if both of them gain an identical score at the end.
      • Activate a conflict in PUBG Lite
    • Starting a match in PUBG Lite download for PC:
      • When launching combat, you will receive a 30-second waiting time.
      • An invisible wall will be triggered to block the entrance during that period. So, you can’t exit at that moment.
      • Afterward, the wall will disappear and you can rush into the playfield.
  • How to occupy weapons in PUBG Lite
      • Take part in PUBG Lite PC version you or other opponents will be equipped with Lv 1 backpack, Lv1 helmet, Lv1 armored vest, and a grenade.
      • Armaments and attachments will be seen on racks.
        • You can opt for anything except for the pistol, crossbow, or things included in the care package.
        • After you finish that step, you can pick up accessories and ammunition before you face your foes.
A 4vs4 Match
A 4vs4 Match
  • The gameplay of PUBG Lite with the new patch note. Here is the guide for those who are looking for something to master the PUBG Lite PC gameplay.
    • Death:
      • You cannot live anymore without being knocked out when your health reaches zero.
      • Contrasting to the Battle Royale mode that you have ever seen before, your loot crate will not be spawned after you die.
    • Revival:
      • You will be regenerated 5 seconds after death.
      • Items after revival:
        • Players in PUBG Lite for Windows 10 will get the similar weapons and attachments that they had before they are slain.
        • The suitable amount of the ammo reserved for your gear will be given.
        • 250 bullets for 5.56mm, 7.62mm, 9mm, and .45 ACP Ammo
        • 90 bullets for 12 Gauge
      • The standard equipment will be distributed again after you restart. Nevertheless, that object will not belong to you even if you fall down whilst collecting a grenade.
        • For 7 seconds, nobody can damage you.
        • You will stay in the invincible state and you will be recognized with the flashing bright light.
  • Harm your teammates
      • Don’t worry! The development team of PUBG Lite game declared that you cannot hurt anybody from your party or yourself under every circumstance.
    • About health recovery
      • When you join PUBG Lite official, you will auto-regain 7 seconds after you diverge from the battleground.
      • After 7 seconds, your energy will restore 10% every second and finally refill up to 75%.
      • You can obtain health packs from vending machines scattered on two sides of the map’s center.
    • Every combat message and player’s screen
      • In each PUBG Lite 4vs4 match, the kill messages with mode ones will be shown for specific issues.
      • For the Dashboard, it will reveal the remaining playtime and kill scores.
      • Meanwhile, the kill message will explain the combat situation.
      • And, the real-time total kill message is effective to look over the current kill counts in the Battle Royale mode.
      • About progression status
        • Survivors who generate many kills in a row in PUBG Lite PC will be advanced to a higher level.
        • Those who have made 2, 4, or 6 kills at once will be moved to another more challenging tier which will be displayed. The progression status will not have any additional effect.
      • With the KDA status, you can view your KILL/DEATH/ASSIST points.
      • For Mode Message, you will realize the notification of every participant of the race, from the first kill to the last one or 6 consecutive kills.
    • Map: Bodie
      • It is an enchanting destination that you should not skip if you are playing PUBG Lite download for PC.
      • Size: 150 X 60 (M)
Map: Bodie
Map: Bodie
Map: Bodie
  • Result – Here is the description of the result screen in-game:
    • If a match in PUBG Lite is coming to an end, it will pop up.
    • The ultimate kill, death, assist record will be exposed. The MVP badge will be put next to the MVP’s ID.
    • The MVP will be counted based on the KDA stats regardless of the successful squad.
  • The reward will depend on the ending. Here are prizes that you can be granted:
    • Winning team: 60 BP
    • Losing team: 30 BP
    • Kill point: 5 BP per kill
    • Draw point: 60 BP
    • Extra MVP point: 30 BP

New Season in PUBG Lite

A new season has been added to PUBG Lite Download Free! Indeed, PUBG LITE Season 1 will be kicked off with the presence of the Open Beta service. We will show you the season’s schedule here: 

  • The season will occur from August 8 to October 10 (before the PUBG Lite patch update).
  • The Season Pass will end on October 2.
  • The reward period will be gettable from October 2 to October 10 (before patch update)

You will have a week to claim the season’s rewards. If you fail to redeem during the stated time, you will lose all of them.

Here are two important content for the Season in the newest PUBG Lite update on August 8th:

  • New Survival Point System: You can entertain yourself in PUBG Lite more and they will be compensated with more gifts. If you are the winner, you can have much more. (Season Rewards, Title Rewards)
  • New LITE PASS system: By completing missions, you will increase your XP significantly. Another LITE PASS: the Premium system has been supplemented so you can level up passes immediately and acquire more exclusive stuff.

Specific details of them:

  • New Survival Point System (Survival Point, “SP”)
  • Season 1 of the new Survival Point System will work on August 8th.
  • If you do not involve in PUBG Lite after the Season 1 runs, you will be ignored. If you accept to enter the game at least one time, you will go ahead above 1 SP.

MMR for matchmaking will not come with anything to implement with the title system. Even if the Survival Point system stops, MMR will not be set again.

  • You can achieve stronger titles when you attempt to fulfill quests in PUBG for Lite PC.
  • The Specialist title and titles lower than Specialist such as Beginner, Novice, Experienced, and Skilled will be sorted into five tiers: V, IV, III, II, I.
  • Higher titles like Expert, Survivor, and Lone Survivor will not be split. SPs for these titles are influenced by your skills and the time used.

SP gained in-mode will have the same value. Efficiency in SP acquisition in those rooms will be edited to block you from being focused on a certain mode.  

  • Added Lone Survivor Title
Added Lone Survivor Title
Added Lone Survivor Title
  • How to reign the Lone Survivor title
    • The Lone Survivor title is the final title in PUBG Lite game download PC and only suited to the top 1,000 soldiers titled who attained the Survivor.
    • The Lone Survivor title is uncommon in that it asks constant effort to preserve the title until the termination of the Season 1. 
    • Enhancements have been produced on the ranking for all with the Lone Survivor title.
    • The Lone Survivor player status will be modernized on the leaderboard every 2 hours.

If somebody with the Lone Survivor title does not connect to PUBG Lite for 7 days, their name will be discarded.

Lone Survivor
  • Rewards for the Survival Point System
Rewards for the Survival Point SystemRewards for the Survival Point System
Rewards for the Survival Point System
Rewards for the Survival Point System
Rewards for the Survival Point System
  • Two rewards will be at hand:
    • Season:
      • A reward program will be attached to players who strived
      • You will gather rewards when you own the highest titles in any modes.
      • They must be claimed from October 2nd when Season 1 ends until October 10th.
    • Title:
      • A mechanism will be built for joiners, relied on their best titles from modes.
  • New Pass System (LITE PASS: Free, LITE PASS: Premium and objectives)

When the new Season 1 for both PASS and MISSION is begun, the development team tried to throw in as many rewards as possible that we would keep for 8 weeks as “PUBG LITE SEASON1”.

  • New Pass System – LITE PASS: PREMIUM
    • You can buy PUBG LITE PASS: PREMIUM from the store.
    • Purchase period:  UTC 2019.08.08 ~ 2019.09.30
    • Get entry to more quests and rewards
    • Your levels will not be readjusted with the LITE PASS purchase. Even after the purchase, you can still net the goods that you had in the past.
  • Missions – We have the full list of tasks in the new PUBG Lite Season.
    • Daily Missions: 3 sets in which you can switch them 3 times a day. If you can wrap up what you changed, they will not be visible.
    • Weekly Missions: 10 missions every week (Free 4 / Premium: 6) – You can swap them 5 times a week.
    • Challenge Missions: 5 missions for 3 types of weapon
    • Added Beginner Mission
Missions  in Pubg
Missions  in Pubg

New PUBG Lite Items

Enrich your inventory with every addition which has already become apparent in PUBG Lite PC!

  • Collector’s Crate: It is a crate that hides distinctive outfits.
    • Period: August 8th ~ 29th
    • Price: 1EA – 60LC / 10EA – 540LC
New PUBG Lite Items
New PUBG Lite Items
  • Special Crate: It is also a box which contains weapon and vehicle skins.
    • Period: August 8th ~ 29th
    • Price: 1EA – 60LC / 10EA – 540LC
weapon and vehicle skins
weapon and vehicle skins
  • Limited Sales: LAMB T-shirt
    • LAMB T-shirt will be sold in two colors: gray and red for a limited period.
    • Period: August 8th ~ 14th
    • Price: 30LC
Limited Sales: LAMB T-shirt
  • Single items – Visit PUBG Lite store and you can instantly add permanent items to your cart by buying them separately.
    • Wild Gunman Leather Jacket: 600 LC
    • Wild Gunman Bell-Bottoms: 400 LC
    • Wild Gunman Shoes: 250 LC
    • Master of the Land Parachute: 200 LC
    • Wild Desert Glasses (Punk): 250 LC
    • Other monetized items:
    • Premium Pass: 400 LC
    • Premium Pass Plus (Premium PASS + 25LV up Ticket): 1,100 LC
    • 1LV UP Ticket: 60 LC
    • 5LV UP Ticket: 300 LC
    • 20LV UP Ticket: 1,200 LC
    • 30LV UP Ticket: 1,530 LC
    • 50LV UP Ticket: 2,400 LC
    • 2x BP Booster (1Day): 60 LC
    • Nickname change: 330 LC


Aside from sections essential for PUBG Lite Download for PC that we have mentioned, you can look up the following changes.

  • Network/Client Optimization: There are two major matters in the present chapter.
    • Network
      • Made the most effective use of vehicle and parachute control
      • Boosted up the match-making system (server performance) so players in each territory will be matched, depending on their optimization level. It will be a district which is affected by the personal network environment. Therefore, please understand even if you cannot be actually aware of the difference.
    • Client
      • The Light Off option is added to the lower option.
      • You with the basic of the on-board graphic card of 30~40 FPS can dig 50~60 FPS after choosing the lower one.
      • Interact with the Light ON/OFF button in Settings
      • You are advised to optimize according to the PC environment requirements.
    • Balance adjustment – The spawn rate of the Flare Gun in PUBG Lite PC version download has been enhanced.
    • Added L-COIN
    • L-COIN is an in-game currency within LITE.

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