PUBG Lite Releases Periverka Map And Free For All Mode

Miramar June 27, 2020 PUBG Lite News

PUBG Lite Periverka and Free For All mode are now available for you to try. You can join the new map to experience interesting battles in the new game mode!

Periverka is a brand new map added to PUBG Lite, together with a great game mode called Free For All. Although this is just a lighter and smaller version of the original PUBG game (PlayersUnknown’s Battlegrounds), PUBG Lite still brings you wonderful content and exclusive features. It will make your game experiences much more interesting. Before that, players already had a chance to experience an awesome mode – Team Deathmatch 4vs4. Now, with the release of the Periverka map that belongs to PUBG Lite Free For All mode, you can experience much more thrilling battles.

Things you need to know about Free For All mode in PUBG Lite

Things you need to know about Free For All mode in PUBG Lite
Things you need to know about Free For All mode in PUBG Lite

You can get access to PUBG Lite Free For All mode through the Arcade Match tab in the lobby. Next, you will click on the gear icon, then choose Periverka – Free For All and find a match.

Different from Team Deathmatch mode in PUBG Lite, you have to compete against up to the other 7 players on your own rather than playing with a team. Within 10 minutes, any player that got 20 kills first will become the winner. The special thing about this new game mode in PUBG Lite is that all players will play from the first-person perspective.

Getting a match started

Try to loot as many weapons as you can!
Try to loot as many weapons as you can!

At the start of the game, all players have 90 seconds to collect all weapons and items on the ground. After that period of time, they will be moved to the main area for the battle at random positions inside the building or on the roof. And then the match will officially start.

Walls and fences will surround the battle area. So that you cannot get out or get back to the starting area. Besides weapons, all players will equip with backpacks, helmets, and suits. Also, they will start at Level 1.

Health regeneration

In PUBG Lite, after 7 seconds with no attack, you will have a 10% recovery in health per second until it reaches 75%. Players can also search for energy drinks, pain killers, and Adrenaline Cylinders around the building to give themselves a 100% boost.


After death, you will be revived after 5 seconds together with the same equipment at the time of death. Also, you will have 2 seconds to be invincible after you have just been revived.


The a a host of brilliant items in PUBG Lite
The a a host of brilliant items in PUBG Lite

Although you cannot get back to the starting area, you can still change your weapons in the area on two sides of the building. High-class helmets, suits, grenades, and ammo will be randomly located in the building.

There is a Supply Tower on the roof of the building. After the first two minutes of the game, an AUG will show up, for the next three minutes, it will be a Groza. Pay attention to the angle of the screen. Because 30 seconds before the spawn of AUG or Groza, there will be a system notification shown in the upper left of the screen. And you will be notified of the appearances of the weapons. That system notification will disappear when the weapons are taken by players.

PUBG Lite Periverka event

The new map Periverka releases with brand new features!
The new map Periverka releases with brand new features!

To celebrate the release of new map Periverka and a new game mode Free For All, the development team of PUBG Lite decided to bring an awesome Periverka event with free rewards and items to all players. All you need to do is to sign in PUBG Lite game and join 10 matches in Free For All mode and get 15 Chicken Medals.

Periverka is also in the challenge mission of PUBG Lite Pass. This means that players can get a wide array of Chicken Medals by just experiencing this new game mode.

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