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Miramar September 5, 2019 PUBG Lite Guides

Controls in PUBG Lite PC are simple but important for you to navigate the player, roam, perform abilities in the game. Further, they will help you kill rivals!

Controls of PUBG Lite PC

PUBG Lite PC is a free Battle Royale game for the low-spec configuration. Before playing against other hostile characters or simply move by yourself, you should have a look at the following guide.

Controls will be divided into many different sections.

Are you ready to learn about tips below and conquer the top spot when being the last standing man?

How to use Controls in PUBG Lite PC

As mentioned above, there are various areas. They are displayed briefly. You can combine the mouse and the keyboard as your preference.

How to use Controls in PUBG Lite PC


It is quite easy to perform main activities with the current tool when you engage in PUBG Lite on PC.

  • Right mouse button to aim
  • Left mouse button to shoot
  • Mouse wheel to swap armaments
  • Mouse cursor to adjust the camera angle


Keys will play a crucial role in climbing up to the highest position in PUBG Lite game download for PC.


  • 1 to select the primary guns
  • 2 to pick out the secondary ones
  • 3 to decide on a pistol
  • 4 to prepare for using close-range weapons
  • 5 to equip yourself with grenades

In addition to PUBG Lite PC Controls for throwables and firearms, you do not skip the instruction for other objects.


  • 7 to activate the Medical Kit
  • 8 to do the same for the First Aid kit
  • 9 to utilize the Bandages
  • 0 to take the Energy Drinks
  • I to get entry to your own inventory


Although it looks easy to implement, Controls that you are going to discover will allow you to survive longer when you participate in PUBG Lite PC version.

  • W to walk forward
  • A to step to the left
  • S to go back
  • D to move to the right
  • Q to have a left peek
  • E to sneak a look to the right side


It is an indispensable part in PUBG PC Lite download for Windows 10. It is the final entry of Controls for your favorite game.

  • C to crouch
  • X to continue to be armed
  • Z to prone
  • F to collect something
  • V to switch between the FPP and TPP camera angles
  • B to alter the firing mode
  • M to make the map pop up
  • Ctrl to stroll
  • Shift to sprint

Space to jump

It is the full list of Controls that you will apply during the match of PUBG Lite on PC Download. Good luck!

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