PUBG Lite PC Control

Miramar April 4, 2019 PUBG Lite Guides

PUBG Lite game is a free-to-play PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds version on PC. Discover two maps, master every control and defeat all of the opponents to win now!

PUBG Lite PC Control

To conquer Erangel and Miramar or other players in PUBG Lite game, you’d learn how to perform during the forthcoming match. PUBG Lite is regarded as a free version of the PC game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds with the graphics designed for computers and laptops operating lower-end specs, like integrated graphics cards. PUBG Lite PC is based on the famous Battle Royale genre and the winner will be the last standing man. Before you launch any combat, you are recommended to read the guide below.


Mouse is a popular tool in action games such as Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG Lite.

  • RMB: point at a target
  • LMB: trigger guns
  • Mouse wheel: choose your available firearm
  • Move the mouse cursor: look around


Keyboard is an obligatory part in the Control segment of PUBG Lite game.


Strike key below to pick out whatever you like before you attack somebody in PUBG Lite PC!

  • 1: primary weapon
  • 2: secondary one
  • 3: pistols
  • 4: close range devices
  • 5: grenades


Do not ignore them when you engage in the intense deathmatch of PUBG Lite Garena!

  • 7: health packs
  • 8: first aid kits
  • 9: bandages
  • 0: energy drink
  • I to check out your inventory


They are essential buttons to use after you land onto the island of PUBG Lite PC.

  • W: head forward
  • A: steer left
  • S: move back
  • D: steer right
  • Q: take a stealthy look to the left
  • E: secretly look to the right
  • Ctrl: walk
  • Shift: sprint
  • Space bar: jump


To complete your performance in PUBG Lite, you do not skip them!

  • C: crouch
  • X: remain equipped
  • Z: prone
  • F: interact or pick up objects
  • V: handle the FPP or TPP camera angle switch
  • B: change firing mode
  • M: show the map
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