PUBG Lite Patch Note on July 4, 2019

PUBG Lite Patch Note: July 4, 2019

It is one of the latest PUBG Lite patch notes at present. Not only that, it will introduce to you an interesting list of improvements for your favorite game. It means that you will have the chance to get a better experience after you jump into PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. It is available for you to check out all of the details of the new update in PUBG Lite right here!


The armament plays an important role in shooting games such as PUBG Lite Download for PC. They receive many changes:

  • Added the legendary Flare Gun to every map
  • Remaining airdrops left in PUBG Lite will be seen only to the one who wields the Flare Gun
  • In order to call for a unique airdrop or armored UAZ, you should aim and shoot your Flare Gun toward the sky.
  • Especially, it must be fired above 200m into the mid-air before the airdrop in PUBG Lite PC appears.
Flare Gun

Armored UAZ

Aside from the existence of the airdrop, the armor-plated UAZ can be summoned from outside of the safe zone or in the blue one.

  • At Phase 1: After the safe area of PUBG Lite PC Download is formed, the number of the ironclad UAZ will be increased by 2, a total of 2 can be gathered.
  • At Phase 5: Once the Safe Zone is set up, the not yet used steel-plated UAZ sends for will be 0. Within a short time, you cannot request any means of transport with the Flare Gun.
Armored UAZ

Special Airdrop

When you stay inside the safe region of PUBG game download for pc, you can ask the presence of them.

  • At Phase 2: When the secure position is shaped, the number of Special Airdrops will climb to 1.
  • At Phase 3: If the protected location pops up, you will be given one more Airdrop.
  • At Phase 6: While that place starts to work, the quantity of those distinctive items and the still existing outstanding objects will reach zero. At that point, you are not allowed to order whichever.

PUBG Lite & Vehicles

You can enrich the collection in PUBG Lite PC version with the equipage below:

  • The Tukshai has been thrown into the Sanhok.
  • As well, you can control the UAZ in case you require their appearance with the Flare Gun.

Buy High-Tier Items at the BP Shop of PUBG Lite

  • High-tier gears in PUBG Lite PC, which could not be acquired through the BP Boxes, can be bought separately from the BP Shop.
  • It is possible to exchange the stuff to gain more BP! So, you need to choose the costumes in your own inventory and tap on the Exchange button to obtain BP in return. The nonpermanent equipment will not be gettable for Exchange!
  • The Exchange Rate will be influenced by the goods’ background color.
Buy High-Tier Items at the BP Shop of PUBG Lite


Although it is the shortest part of PUBG Lite Patch Note July 4, 2019, it is necessary.

  • Specifically, the damage territories are broken down in detail.


There are a couple of modifications for PUBG game download for pc:


  • It is feasible to coordinate the screen scale with your PC specs.
  • Setting > Graphics > Advanced Settings > Dynamic Resolution
Advanced Settings


  • Connected Rich Presence for Discord
  • Whilst you are joining PUBG LITE, it will be found on the Discord channel.
  • Link our official Discord Channel at

Bug Fixes

It is comfortable to play PUBG Lite PC Download because you will not encounter the following issues.

  • Fixed the trouble in which the bullet would not be applied to one spot when they were launched wit the muzzle attachments to guns like S12K, S1897, S686
  • Removed the matter that players could stand on the weapon when dropping the Tommy gun on the surface
  • Discarded the bug that the muffler’s effect was reduced after the compensator for QBU

Remember to catch up with the newest updates for PUBG Lite here!

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