PUBG LITE Patch Note on July 18, 2019

Miramar August 29, 2019 PUBG Lite Patch

PUBG LITE Patch Note: July 18, 2019

It’s time to discover the inside details of the current patch note of PUBG LITE download for pc!

There are many important updates.

Realistic Damage Range based on Bullet Caliber

The weapons in PUBG Lite is developed based on reality
The weapons in PUBG Lite is developed based on reality
  • Although bullets with the size of a dot had been released so far, the developers determined to create a match with a more practical feeling by resetting the bullet mark inspired on the bullet caliber.
    • For instance, when you fire with a 5.5 gun, it will unleash a bullet with a diameter of 5.56mm.

Radio Message Feature

They have added a new feature about radio message.
They have added a new feature about radio message.
  • After PUBG LITE new update appears, players can enjoy and use the item in every mode such as Duo and Squad.
  • Not only that, you can make the radio message wheel pop up on the screen when you scroll the mouse wheel or hit F3.
  • There are 8 different messages to choose from. Remember you just can select once!
    • Besides, it will be divulged with your teammates on the left-hand side of the playfield.
  • Moreover, you can activate Ping and Enemy Spotted in PUBG LITE for PC in many dissimilar cases. It is simple to trigger them much faster with separate key bindings.
    • Ping: Interact with the mouse wheel or F3
    • Enemy Spotted: Opt for the mouse wheel twice or double press F3
  • Ping will bring back a variety of interactions.
    • Single out Ping next to a specific object in LITE PUBG download and you can send the name with the position of the pinged item to somebody in your team.
    • It’s feasible to ping on Care Packages or death crates to reveal their place.
    • Ping the direction that you expect to approach and give the info to your members.
    • Features mentioned above will auto form a marker on the map. Further, they are handy to launch with the Tactical Map Marker at a time.
  • Meanwhile, the Enemy Spotted of PUBG Mobile LITE APK will help you to swiftly share the location of a hostile player that you have already detected.
    • You can mark the foe’s area on the battleground and distribute it to your friends.
    • Messages will alter by distance.
      • Near Range: less than 50M
      • Medium Range: less than 200M
      • Long Range: 200M or more
      • For example, ENEMY SPOTTED! Long Range 300′
    • Ping and Enemy Spotted will provide messages to teammates within 500M.
  • Need Ammo in PUBG LITE download for Android will run smartly, with the message showing the ammunition’s kind of the weapon you are keeping. If you decide on Need Ammo when you carry an M416, the message will be visible with I NEED 5.56mm.

Team Management Settings

You can now manage messages from personal teammates!
You can now manage messages from personal teammates!
  • It is accessible to prevent messages from personal teammates in PUBG LITE download for pc by changing the team management setting!

Mission List

The misson list will help you to keep track on the goal!
The misson list will help you to keep track on the goal!
  • You can keep track of your challenge status in real-time if you tap the P key whilst you are taking part in PUBG LITE for PC.
    • The developers modified the setting so users can’t take another language while they are playing. It will block everybody from being confused with the description of each quest.
    • There are 3 daily missions and 10 weekly missions after PUBG Mobile LITE new update.
  • In the meantime, the newest version of lobby UI and features has been upgraded.

Season End

They will finish the temporarily operated season system in PUBG LITE download for pc. The season system, consisting of the leaderboard and individual stats will be disabled. It renews to introduce a stronger game experience to gamers. In the next update, a set of seasons with rewards will uncover. Do not forget to stay tuned!

Bug Fixes

Plenty of issues from matches in PUBG LITE for pc are discovered and reported. More importantly, they are fixed. They include:

  • Displaying the status image of players in the Training Mode on discord
  • Looking through the wall when crashing into a building wall while controlling ADS and tilting
  • Reloading the action which was not revoked despite looting something, interacting with a door, vaulting or getting in the passenger’s seat of a car
  • You can see the opponent’s helmet from a certain distance
  • Sound problems
    • In addition to that, you will not find any of the following issues related to the sound when you download the PUBG LITE new update.
    • Fixed where there was not sound dissimilarity between activities like running, walking, or stepping
    • Fixed the bug in which the sound only supplied the footstep noise with no the material stomped on while the gun was fired
  • Repaired the PC that crashed when entering the lobby on some computers
  • Eventually, a few minor bugs are also completed.
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