PUBG LITE Patch Note May 23 released with the 3rd playable map

Patch Note May 23, 2019, for PUBG LITE

Playable map

It is another amazing update reserved for the popular PUBG Lite PC game. It is easy to check out all of the details from the latest information here!

Note that it is the most requested release by players, Sanhok! Sanhok is known as the 3rd playable map in PUBG Lite with a 4×4 km island compared to other 8x8km battlefields, for example, Erangel and Miramar. It is inspired by a series of well-liked islands in South East Asia. We will introduce to you the list of those locations from now on.

Paradise Resort

Paradise Resort

Paradise Resort is an enchanting destination that you are highly recommended to visit and discover if you accept to play PUBG Lite PC Download. Not only that, it is regarded as one of the biggest districts on the Sanhok playground in which every participant will have the chance to loot a lot of items after they drop from the mid-air. Like PUBG PC, they are really necessary for the incoming fierce battle and help these guys survive longer.



Boot Camp is an exciting area which can be seen in the middle of the PUBG Lite Garena. Of course, you should not skip it if you want to collect better weapons or supplies. Additionally, it is easier to encounter other people there, at Boot Camp. If you intend to preserve everything that you have recently picked up, you are forced to fight against hostile characters and destroy these aggressive foes.



After you involve in PUBG Lite Mac and arrive in Ruins, you do not forget to seize every opportunity to look for resources because it is an ideal spot in Sanhok because it is blocked with too full of the best materials. Watch out! Although it is not difficult to own the most valuable pieces at Ruins, you can completely lose stuff in a wink.

Pai Nan

Pai Nan

Join PUBG Lite Server you do not ignore Pai Nan! It is considered of Sanhok. It is a famous territory which consists of a small branch of the river that splits the region. You can cross it if you swim or walk over the available bridge. Try to perform your action swiftly when you do that or you can get troubles in an instant! Moreover, you can be killed.

So, there are various attracting zones that every survivor in PUBG Lite PC can have fun with. Especially, they are considered dangerous points including chaotic fights. Therefore, it is effortless for you or everyone to battle and feel the real Battle Royale genre in matches in that 3rd map.

Aside from the journey above, you cannot face the following issues when you participate in PUBG Lite PC Download.

Bug Fixes

There are some major problems in PUBG Lite iOS solved, comprising:

  • Fixed the time when players engaged in a squad and died immediately without DBNO
  • Fixed the bug when somebody collected something whilst reloading, they would not stop to load again

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