PUBG Lite Patch Note 12 December 2019 Released

Miramar December 27, 2019 PUBG Lite Events, PUBG Lite News

Check out the full detail of the new update PUBG Lite Patch Note 12th December 2019! The version includes a lot of changes for the game you love. Have fun!

It is one of the latest PUBG Lite updates comprising plenty of necessary enhancements. It’s time to learn much more about the patch that will make your experience better! It will contain complete information or what has been updated: Major, Store, Voice Card, Optimization, and Bug Fixes.

Content of PUBG Lite Patch Note 12 Dec

Like other PUBG Lite Patch Notes, you can find many important additions, differences from the previous ones, and so on. Let’s see below for the last patch update of 2019!

Major Updates as of PUBG Lite Patch Note 12th December

It is a big section comprising several key points that have already appeared in PUBG Lite the game based on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Another exciting PUBG Lite Season Pass

  • Duration: UTC Dec 12th, 2019 ~ Feb 6th, 2020
  • In-store until Dec 12th, 2019 ~ Feb 3rd, 2020
  • Level up the Pass in the shop until Dec 12th, 2019 ~ Feb 6th, 2020 (It will be finished when the Season Pass duration ends)
  • Special Promotion
    • LITE PASS PREMIUM PLUS will be discounted by 71%
    • Likewise, LITE PASS PREMIUM will be discounted by 50%
    • Promotion Period: Dec 12th, 2019 ~ Dec 19th, 2019
  • Mission rules
    • Daily quests: Players will be assigned 2 new missions each day.
    • You can switch up to 1 mission per day
    • Challenges that you enjoy in PUBG Lite PC Download will be set again every day.
    • To Weekly tasks, you have 3 free missions and 3 paid ones per week. They will not be reset.
    • Weekly missions are not discarded. However, they are gathered and you can remove objectives from the former weeks.
    • The amount of the XP that you are asked to obtain will be reduced significantly and you can level up easier.

New TPP to the Arcade Mode after PUBG Lite Patch Note 12th December 2019

  • Along with the presence of the current PUBG Lite Season Pass, we will have the chance to test skills in matches of 4v4 and Free For All.
  • The TPP mode is now gettable in the BODIE and PERIVERKA map. You can deploy the arcade from every perspective.
  • Further, it’s simple to play Arcade Mode in TPP in a Custom Match.

Micro UZI changed since PUBG Lite Patch Note 12 December is launched

Micro UZI
  • It is one of the items added to PUBG Lite App Download. It’s feasible for you to attach the Red Dot or Hologram to a Micro UZI.

Other faces in PUBG Lite

New Faces Added

According to breaking PUBG Lite news, developers have recently supplemented more types.

  • Actually, there are female and male faces not existing before.
  • You can select them from three skin tones and hairstyles available.

Christmas decorations in the Lobby and Starting Island with PUBG Lite Patch Note 12 December

Christmas Decorations in the Lobby and Starting Island
PUBG Lite Patch Note 12 December

The lobby’s concept in PUBG PC game download has been adjusted in order to celebrate the big final event of the year.

  • Arenas will be equipped with a Christmas tree on the beginning island.
  • It will pass from sight when you jump to parachute.

Features for PUBG Lite survivors with color blindness and color-deficiency

Features for Players with Color Blindness and Color-Deficiency
  • The color of the scope and reticle will be modified, depending on the favorite colorblind form.
  • The color of the blood effect, smoke from supply crate and red/blue zone will get different, based on the chosen colorblind kind.

PUBG Lite Patch Note 12 December upgraded the costume slot system

Changed Costume Slot System

We are heading to the final part of the Major Updates. Download PUBG lite and you will be able to uncover abilities below!

  • Initially, you could put on a single outfit while wearing a costume set. Nevertheless, after the costume slot system is updated, it is considered that players using both shirts and pants if they have on a costume set.
  • When somebody dresses in pants or shoes whilst wearing a costume set, it will be taken away.
  • That adjustment is utilized for the in-game and out-game modes.

Store Updates

It is the second piece in PUBG Lite Patch Note 12 December 2019 released. It just offers a few brief facts.

  • Happy Holiday Crate: It will occur between UTC December 12th, 2019 and January 9th, 2020.
  • Price: 60LC or 4 Chicken Medals
  • Price x 10: 540LC or 40 Chicken Medals

Store Layout

Improved Store Layout

Although it is a small element in the cool PUBG Lite PC version it is also polished!

  • Users can preview what the Crates hide.
  • It’s not difficult to pick out the payment currency if buying Crates with L-Coins or Chicken Medal.
    • It’s capable to purchase 10 boxes with Chicken Medals (unlock 10 times = 40 Chicken Medals)
  • BP Crates converted to Wanderer Crate from Soldier’s Crate
    • You can acquire 10 at once.
  • Season Passes and Single Items can be bought from ITEMS.
  • Together with major and store updates, the Voice Card will be modernized.

Improved Voice Card since PUBG Lite Patch Note 12 December is rolled out

Voice Card since PUBG Lite Patch Note 12 December
  • It is helpful in radio messages.
  • It is obtainable in Duo and Squad modes.
  • You can opt for the voice card in in-game after picking it in out-game.
    • Press F3 while holding the mouse wheel to show and hear the message.
  • You can switch off the report of a certain teammate in the team settings.

PUBG Lite Patch Notes cannot lack optimization

It is the shortest notification in the present PUBG Lite new update.

  • The frame drop rate for zoom-in and zoom-out of the scope has been tweaked.
  • The partial frame drop rate when moving around building-dense towns is enhanced, too.

Solved bugs in PUBG Lite Patch Note 12 December 2019

Getting feedback and analysis to fix troubles in PUBG Lite for pc windows 10 download is an essential assignment.

  • Fixed collision detection could not work in some areas close by the eastern cliff on Miramar
  • Fixed being impossible to get rid of the aim mode when dropping a gun
  • Besides, there is a difference in the sound of Smoke Grenades.
  • Fixed the character’s location that could not be realized exactly because of the unstable network

PUBG Lite Patch Note 12th December 2019 is a huge update. However, it is effective to bring back a stronger gaming experience for every survivor. It is good for you to survive longer. Remember to follow releases on our website to get the newest information!

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