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Miramar April 2, 2019 PUBG News

Get ready to check out PUBG Lite new contents in an update! You can explore details about new weapons, grips, login reward replacement, new random boxes, etc.

Here comes another PUBG Lite Patch Note containing new contents and a broader variety of items! For those who are playing PUBG Lite, they should check out the full patch note for more interesting details on the updated specs. Below here are the outstanding things included in this update:

  • Attached brand new 7.62MM weapon to the game – BERYL
  • Attached three new grips
  • The login rewards that you were most excited about were already substituted.
  • Disclosed two new Random Boxes

Information about the added items in PUBG Lite

New Weapon Update

The new 7.62MM weapon BERYL was added to PUBG Lite via this update. This weapon will use against M24 – the most favorite 7.62MM weapon according to the studies on Facebook. This kind of weapon will make its appearance in both Erangel and Miramar. You can add many attachments to it, like muzzles, grips, magazines, etc. It has a higher rate of fire and damage than any other ARs. You may find it somewhat hard to control the recoil, however, when you feel confident in using it, you can easily master the BERYL with some effort.

M762 is a damagable weapon!
M762 is a damagable weapon!

Added three new grips

This patch also included three new grips. Now, you can easily add a broader variety of grips in addition to the current grips indicated through the study over the past weekend for an event more awesome gunplay.

New grip attachments are added in PUBG Lite!
New grip attachments are added in PUBG Lite!

You can feel comfortable to send your tips and reviews to other players on the current vertical, the angled group, and the new grips. Let them know how you enjoyed the diversified gameplay.

Login Reward Replacement

The PUBG team intended to have only big rewards on the week that they added the attendance. However, thanks to the support of the player, the rewards will be replaced with a brand new set of rewards, and the event will keep going on this week.

  • Period: March 28 (after maintenance) until April 13
Log in the game daily to earn cool rewards
Log in the game daily to earn cool rewards

Launch New Random Box: Hero’s Crate

A new Random Box will release in the game, and it’s called Hero’s Crate. The purpose of launching this new item is to follow the current Soldier’s Crate Box. You must pay 1,000 BP to purchase it.

In addition to this, the Premium Hero’s Crate also releases in the game. Although the possibilities of obtaining rare items in premium boxes are 4X higher than other boxes, the PUBG team still wanted to keep the price at 2,500BP. In order to reduce the burden of players when they have to purchase these boxes (rather than increasing the price by 4X). You need to ensure that you will not skip the edgiest items in the Hero’s Crate.

New Functions in This Patch

The game developers also add some brand new functions wanted by most of the players, like the screenshot function and report function.

Screenshot function

  • It will be easy for you to take screenshots using the “F12” KEY. Feel free to capture the best PUBG Lite moments that you have using this new function.
  • File directory: C:/Users/”UserName”/Documents/PUBGLite/Screenshots

Report function update

  • Based on the feedback sent by the players, they also update the report function. Now, you can totally get access to this awesome function righter after you have been eliminated in a squad.
You can now report to your squad when you are killed
You can now report to your squad when you are killed
  • In addition to this, you can easily report a player while observing by using key R. If there are any players playing unfairly in the game, you should not be hesitant to report them. By doing this, PUBG Lite gameplay experience will become much cleaner.
Quickly get your friends to know that the enemies killed you
Quickly get your friends to know that the enemies killed you

Quick Marker function added

  • There were lots of players requesting the quick marker function, and now it’s added to the game. You will find it easy and quick to ping without opening the minimap with “ALT + Mouse Scroll Button” following the direction of the crosshair to make the mark instantly. Thanks to this function, you can order and direct your squad without difficulty.
  • The quick marker will pop up for 10 seconds. To stop careless usage of the quick marker function, after the players use this function once, there will be 2 seconds of waiting.
You can quickly access the function settings to adjust
You can quickly access the function settings to adjust

Map opacity settings added

  • You can make the map half transparent thanks to a new function.
  • You can adjust this setting in Option > Gameplay > UI > MapOpacity.

Water penetration function

The penetration function that was attached to the game via the former patch is now active underwater as well.

Bug Fixes


  • Addressed an issue in which the use of a consumable item is called off if the character is prone while utilizing the item and an object contacts with the character while the screen is being turned.
  • Already addressed another issue in which stun grenades are useless depending on their location, e.g. stun grenade that doesn’t have any influence on the one that was holding it even though it exploded in his/her hand.
  • The position of squad members on mini-map and the world map are shown more smoothly while a party member is making a fast movement using vehicle/plane.
  • Solved an issue in which items do not appear in buildings but on the ground or in the air.


  • Fixed a problem in which there is a possibility spectating will not be effective after getting destroyed even if the spectate button is pressed.
  • Solved an issue in which a player is seen to be alive on the minimap when he/she spectates.
  • Repaired an issue in which a spectated character seemingly floats after leaving a vehicle.
  • Solved an issue where there is a possibility for the screen to flip in a vertical way when the observed character utilizes ADS.

Vehicle Fixes

  • Fixed an issue in which leaving a moving vehicle does not deal any damage.
  • Solved an issue in which there is a possibility the in-game key guide doesn’t show when the player is on a motorbike.
  • Repaired an issue in which the character moves through the roof of the pickup truck easily while he/she is utilizing over the shoulder aiming in the third seat.


  • There was an issue in which the character would stick in a specific zone near Miramar Los Leones and they already fixed this issue.
  • They also solved the floating fence in Miramar El Pozo.


  • Solved an issue in which a squad member was not able to engage in the voice channel when he/she was in a team in the lobby but they were compelled to join the game again following forced shutdown.

Please don’t forget to send more feedback to the PUBG Lite team so they can help improve the gameplay experience for all players!

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