PUBG Lite Surprisingly Announces To Be Closed Down On 29th April!

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PUBG Lite closed down is shocking news. It is a low spec version of PUBG PC that has light packages, not demand too much hardware. So why did they do that?

PUBG Lite closed down is shocking information, which makes every gamer feel sad and disappointed. So what is the exact reason behind this act? And does PUBG Lite for PC have any chance of coming back? And what players can do if they have any problems because of its shut down? Let’s keep finding for more!

As we all know, PUBG developer which is the Tencent company, presented a Lite rendition of the game back in 2019. This version allows players who have low-end devices to play smoothly on PC. It does not demand a huge space, hardware resources or memory vacancy. And after 4 years, the game is closed down. But don’t worry too much. The customer service is still open up until a month later, 29th May. So what is the reason behind this act of the game developers? Let’s find out the answer.

The Low Spec Version Of Pubg Pc Is Goona Stop By 29th April
The Low Spec Version Of Pubg Pc Is Goona Stop By 29th April

PUBG Lite will be closed down and any effort to download it will be useless after 29th April!

Players can keep on playing the battle royale until April 29, but after this day, the game will shut down. The engineers took to the official blog to affirm the news. They are profoundly thankful for the enthusiasm and backing from the shocking number of PUBG Lite fans that have been with us. During the demanding occasions of the COVID-19 pandemic, they trust that PUBG Lite had the option to give their fans a pleasant method to remain safe. Lamentably, they have settled on the troublesome choice to close assistance after much consideration and the opportunity has arrived for their excursion to end. They remorsefully illuminate you that the help of PUBG Lite is booked to end on April 29th, 2021. That’s what the blogger writes.

The specific justification for the closure is as of now obscure. Presently, the authority site has closed down and no new download are upheld in the game. The game will stop by the end of this month. Clients will get client assistance until May 29. Players can keep on playing the game up to that point and complete missions or spend their in-game coins. We know it is sad to say goodbye, but maybe it is the beginning of a new thing? Spend your time to play right away, as the PUBG Lite will close down by the end of this month.

PUBG Lite Facebook will be open even after the game assistance end until additional notification. They said they might want to pass on their sincerest statement of regret just as their most profound appreciation to everybody. They really trust that you have made the most of your experience with them and kindly anticipate their future undertakings.

PUBG Lite closed down is going to rip, but is there any chance for a new generation of this version? Or do you have a try before it disappears? If you haven’t tried it before it closes down, let’s play once! Tell us your thoughts and keep supporting us for more!

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