New PUBG Lite Update: Terms of Service Effective August 22, 2019

PUBG Lite Updated with Terms of Service

Actually, all of the terms of service for PUBG Lite Game Download for PC will officially work since August 22, 2019. It is easy to test for more details about what has happened to the update for those terms now!

Developers of PUBG Lite for PC have announced that they will be adding and revising the criteria regarding the Global Account in the Terms of Service that you are concerned about so as to better notify you and other players of Global Account registry and its terms. Please read the information below!

PUBG Lite Updated with Terms of Service

What is going to be revised?

  • Obviously, it is PUBG LITE Terms of Service.

About relevant schedules

  • The revision of Terms of Service in PUBG Lite Free Download PC will occur from 22/08/2019.
  • Until the revised Terms of Service is potent, the old ones will stay in effect.

Details of the revision

  • TO-BE (19.08.22) – Removed
  • AS-IS (19.01.10)
    • If you agree to Terms of Service set forth in the current agreement built for PUBG Lite in the USA and other regions, you can choose the Accept button to start to install your game and show your acceptance of these along with your own understanding of every condition when you use elements of the game.
    • In case you do not agree, you will pick “DO NOT ACCEPT” and the company will not give you the license (explained later) to PUBG Lite for PC.

About the account

Here is the list of what you can know before you interact with PUBG Lite APK Download for PC. It may be similar to terms of PUBG Mobile Lite Download.

  • You’d better register a PUBG Global Account (an “Account”) so that you can utilize your favorite game with its service. Before you create and deploy the account, please come after the following requirements.
  • The company shall pass our account registration in the circumstance that you have no record of restriction with their service.
  • If you generate an account for the first time, you will be asked to provide your age and it must match the age criteria for applying the game and the service.
  • If you are a minor child, they will prohibit or require you to indicate the approval of parents or legal guardian.
  • You cannot establish or gain the benefits from an account of PUBG Lite Free Download PC on behalf of a legal entity or for a commercial purpose.
  • If you form or change your account, it is necessary for you to offer the latest info accurately, which is individual to you, for example, your date of birth, email address, and so on. Note that you are completely responsible for any issue which may happen because of the wrong information given. The company can end up your right to hold the account and game’s service when something you have supplied is inaccurate or not updated. Saving and utilizing your personal profile will be managed by the Company‚Äôs Privacy Policy.
  • As well, you are advised to protect your account, the usage history consisting of purchase, and login information. The Company will solve when they have intentional actions or gross negligence. Instantly inform them if you reasonably detect any breach of security such as loss, theft, or unauthorized disclosure of the login info.
  • You can discard your account whenever through the official website. Your properties will be removed.
  • Meanwhile, the other side can suspend or terminate your account if you break any term.

We have shown all of the items that help you get a smooth experience in PUBG Lite. Return to your match and conquer the leaderboard your way! Hope you enjoyed!

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