New Features And Contents Are Added To PUBG Lite Game Via Patch Notes #07

Miramar May 6, 2019 PUBG Lite News, PUBG Lite Patch

PUBG Lite Patch Notes #07 contains some new useful features, bug fixes, and some optimizations to make your gaming experience much more convenient.

With the latest updates in PUBG Lite game, you will enjoy this battle royale game in a more convenient and effective way. The patch note #07 brought by PUBG Lite will have more useful features, bug fixes as well as more optimizations. It’s time to check out these new features and contents in this PUBG Lite Patch!

Updated Specs:

  • Parachute System Overhaul
  • Now, the starting islands will have a shooting range
  • Optimization
    • Muzzle effect got upgraded (increased the general quality)
    • The character motion of other players was greatly optimized (now their movement will look smoother)
  • Other updates
    • A brand new attachment called duckbill was also added to the game.
    • Training mode now has SLR.

All details about the latest updates in PUBG LITE

Parachute System Overhaul

There have been a lot of requests from the players about upgrading the parachute. Therefore, in this patch update, you will have a chance to try the overhauled parachute system. Thanks to the upgraded parachute system and realistic motion, you will be enabled to turn the parachute around without any issues. In addition to this, the PUBG Lite dev team also made it much easier to control the parachute, which means you can easily land on the zone that you want.

  • Free Falling
    • When pressing the left Shift, you will be placed into a dive at full speed directly straight down towards the ground.
    • While you are free falling, you will experience a smoother and faster turning and positioning.
  • Parachuting
    • With the left Shift, you can easily descend faster.
    • With the left CTRL, you can glide when you want to reach a longer distance
    • If you set left Shift and left CTRL as different keys, you will be able to direct the parachute speed by clicking on the newly configured buttons.
    • The character animation’s length totally counts on the parachute landing speed.
      • If the landing speed is higher, the animation will get longer.
  • The parachute can be cut now as you are close to the ground while you are still getting through the air without crashing into objects
    • Thanks to this, you can jump more properly and move the area faster where you can pick up weapons.
    • Also, you can totally reach the drop points more quickly, but if you drop from too far, you will surely take a lot of damage.
  • Due to the improved system, you should not crash into buildings or objects while using the parachute, or else your parachute will be automatically cut.

Starting Island now has a shooting range

After collecting feedback of players through a community survey, the development team came up with a nice idea that players can have a meaning gaming experience on the starting island. With the shooting range and weapons added to this spot, you will be able to hone your abilities for now. Take this chance to examine all weapons before entering the conflicts!

Test the weapons' range to practice shooting
Test the weapons’ range to practice shooting
Hide behind these subjects and shoot the enemies
Hide behind these subjects and shoot the enemies


  • Muzzle effect has improved (the overall quality has strongly enhanced)
  • Already made optimization to the character motion of other players. Now, their movement will look smoother.

Other Updates

  • They add “Duckbill” which is a new attachment to the PUBG Lite game.
    • This is a new shotgun attachment that can be added to the S1897 and S12K, but it will decrease the vertical/horizontal spread of the weapons.
  • Training mode now has SLR
    • SLR was added to the training mode in PUBG Lite. Now, it will be easy to practice your shooting skills with SLR – one of the most famous weapons.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed the problem of quick marker that was not shown when the player is in the vehicle.
  • Repair the problem in which quick marker shows on windows.


  • Fixed the issue in which the players died after leaving a vehicle driving at a low speed.
  • Fixed the issue in which players could not see inside the vehicle from far away.


  • Fixed the problem in which players stuck in a specific zone at Ferry Pier in Erangel.


  • Fixed the issue in which the voice chat doesn’t work in the lobby.
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