Find Out 8 Popular Hacks Often Used By Cheaters In PUBG Mobile

Hacks and cheats have become a big serious problem in PUBG Mobile. Your experience with ;the mobile version of ;PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds ;will be totally ruined if you encounter cheaters and they are using tricks to get an upper hand on you, which makes the game unfair. In fact, there are 8 common types of hacks and cheats that those cheaters normally utilize to have a chance of becoming the first-ranked player. PUBG Mobile hacks ;are so diverse, but 8 types of hacks as shown below are the common ones you usually see in matches. You’d better report the cheaters if you catch them exploiting cheats and hacks to outplay other players. Now, you should have a look at all 8 common hacks in PUBG Mobile game!

8 popular hacks that cheaters use in PUBG Mobile

1. PUBG Mobile Wall Hack

It is so easy to carry out this PUBG Mobile Wall Hack, but it’s so hard to detect it in the game. Wall Hack has become a kind of common hack used by most of the cheaters in PUBG matches. Thanks to this hack, cheaters can track other players and take chances to shoot them quickly when they show up. This type of hack reminds you of a battle between a TPP player and an FPP player.

Find Out 8 Popular Hacks Often Used By Cheaters In PUBG Mobile

It’s so unfair when someone can kill you over walls and obstacles. If this happens to you, you should know that someone is applying the wall hack to the battle. However, using wall hack is also dangerous when the cheaters can be locked out of the game if they get detected by the game publisher.

2. PUBG Mobile Speed Hack

How do you feel when someone surpasses you and use their vehicles to outplay you in a bad way? Maybe you must feel frustrated and annoyed when encountering cheaters using PUBG Mobile Speed Hack. It’s true to say that the game will become unfair if someone applies this speed hack to the battle. However, the cheaters will feel a little bit risky when using it due to its nature. They can be outplayed by some common ways, and even worse, they may commit suicide if they cannot take control of the speed, causing them to collide with a wall or a certain building.

Find Out 8 Popular Hacks Often Used By Cheaters In PUBG Mobile2

PUBG Mobile free download ;allows you to report the cheaters using the speed hack. If someone is moving at an extremely fast speed, you should know that they are using the speed hack and quickly report them.

3. PUBG Mobile Aimbot Hack

It’s not going to be easy for someone to have accurate shots when shooting at their enemies. But if they do, you should know that they are using PUBG Mobile Aimbot Hack which is no longer strange to the game. This hack allows the cheaters to put their crosshair on the head of an opponent, then they will launch their shot quickly with 100% accuracy. Once Aimbot software is used, it allows the cheaters to aim at other players from a far distance and headshot them instantly. Encountering this type of hack in PUBG Mobile free game makes it harder for you to win.

Is there anything you can do to beat an aimbot cheater? The answer is yes! You should sneak behind that cheater and take a chance to shoot them without them knowing. However, in reality, these cheaters may use other hacks like ESP hack to fight you back as they know you will surprise attack them. The ESP hack will be discussed below.

4. PUBG Mobile ESP Hack

ESP (stands for Extra Sensory Perception) may be a new term to some player in PUBG Mobile. When it comes to ESP Hack, you should know that it’s a radar hack that can be an improved version of the aforementioned wall hack. ESP hack allows the cheaters to observe the positions of other players in a match.

Find Out 8 Popular Hacks Often Used By Cheaters In PUBG Mobile4

More than that, cheaters also get some crucial information about other players when they utilize PUBG Mobile ESP hack. Some things like the amount of blood, items, weapons, distance, name, etc. will be all displayed to the cheaters.

Find Out 8 Popular Hacks Often Used By Cheaters In PUBG Mobile5

ESP hack in PUBG Mobile game also provides the cheaters with various options.

5. PUBG Mobile High Jump Hack

Jump Hack is an obvious hack that can be seen clearly during a match in PUBG Mobile. It is not hard to spot this hack type. Using this hack allows the cheaters to jump very high to avoid all bullets or to get to another area very quickly. Jump hack in PUBG Mobile can be applied to vehicles too. It must be weird to see a car jumping from this place to another one, right? And that driver is a real cheater! Other players can easily detect the cheaters using the jump hack in the game.

6. PUBG Mobile Flying Vehicles Hack

PUBG Mobile hack list also features a unique hack called flying-vehicles hack, which is not the same as the aforementioned jump hack. Flying-vehicles hack in PUBG Mobile allows the cheaters to hover their car in midair and stop them from falling to the ground unless they want to. It is so easy to spit this type of hack as well. When you encounter this cheater, you should report him instantly.

7. PUBG Mobile Underwater Hack

When you are under the water, your abilities to do several things, like shooting enemies, using healing items, etc., will be limited a lot. However, if someone does all of those things easily, that means they are a cheater using Underwater hack in PUBG Mobile to their advantage. When you catch sight of someone who is able to handle everything while they are underwater, you should know they are applying the underwater hack.

Find Out 8 Popular Hacks Often Used By Cheaters In PUBG Mobile8

8. PUBG Mobile No Recoil Hack

No Recoil Hack is also a unique type of hack that can be used in PUBG Mobile and this hack is used for weapons, like AKM, MK14, and so forth. This type of hack is also easily detected when someone shoots you from afar more than 200m using those guns. That means they are applying No Recoil hack, especially when they equip their guns with some attachments, like the X6 viewfinder.

That’s all for the PUBG Mobile hacks! Those hacks mentioned above are regarded as the most common types of hacks that you usually encounter when playing the ;PUBG game. ;Of course, there are still more other hacks that cheaters use to outplay you. When you come across a cheater, you should quickly report him and have his account locked before he defeats you with his hacks. It will not be fair to play a game that has many cheaters, right? The balance of the game will be lost and no one will get interested in it.

After learning all PUBG Mobile 8 famous hacks, you should think about some strategies and tactics to cope with the cheaters. Using your strategies and tactics can help you outplay them before they kill you with their hacks.

There are more other ;PUBG Mobile guides on gameplay, weapons, tips, and tricks, etc. Make sure you read all the guides to equip yourself with good knowledge if you want to surpass all enemies in matches. The game is also downloadable for free and playable on mobile devices. You can get your PUBG Mobile free download ;now.

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