Details About RPG-7 And How To Use It To Reach The Top 1 In PUBG Mobile Lite

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RPG-7 is a destructive weapon in PUBG Mobile Lite, which can be only found in Drops. Let’s learn how to use RPG-7 wisely to get into the top 1!

There are some useful PUBG Mobile Lite tips and tricks on how to use the new weapon RPG-7 to get into the top 1. If you are ready to conquer PUBG Mobile Lite – a famous survival game with the lighter version of PUBG Mobile, you should check out this PUBG Mobile Lite Weapon Guide below to learn how to use RPG-7 to your advantage.

Basic information about PUBG Mobile Lite game

PUBG Mobile Lite is the lighter and the smaller version of PUBG Mobile which is a very popular survival game drawing the attention of million gamers from around the world. Since this is the lighter edition, you can run PUBG Mobile Lite on smartphones with low configuration. PUBG Mobile Lite was developed using the modern Unreal Engine 4 technology, it is possible for the game to run smoothly on low-end devices.

The beta version of PUBG Mobile Lite is currently available to download from CH Play Store or Apple App Store in some regions in the world. The full installation package of PUBG Mobile Lite is only more than 400MB a bit and it is capable of running on devices with the only 2GB of RAM. Due to the small capacity, some details, like houses, trees, grass, and even characters will be eliminated. The size of the map is also smaller so players can experience the game at a fast speed easily.

Basic information about PUBG Mobile Lite game

In addition, PUBG Mobile Lite only contains 60 competitors battling one another in 10 minutes, so it is very suitable for the devices with a battery capacity of less than 3000mAh. If you know how to take advantage of a special weapon like RPG-7, you will be able to get into the top 1 in a very short time.

PUBG Mobile Lite New Weapon RPG-7

PUBG Mobile Lite RPG-7 is known as a dangerous weapon that can only be found in Drops. RPG-7 stands for Rocket Propelled Grenade that you can use to eliminate an entire team in just a few seconds. The most advantage of this weapon is that it can help you defeat a team, but its drawback will make you upset a lot, which is that it cannot dish out a huge amount of damage like other weapons in PUBG Mobile Lite.

It will take a quite amount of time to reload RPG-7. Plus, you cannot equip any attachments to this weapon either. Now, you have to plan some strategies and tactics in advance then use them wisely during the battle once learning the drawbacks of RPG-7. Only when being used to destroy vehicles, RPG-7 is able to work to its full potential. Also, you can use this weapon to help your allies in the fight when playing Duo or Squad mode.

Advantages of RPG-7 in PUBG Mobile Lite

There are many common PUBG weapons that are not available in the lite version, such as Skorpion, MK47 Mutant, and PP19 Bizon, but players will be provided with a wide range of equipment.

RPG-7 in PUBG Mobile Lite

RPG-7 is the most explosive weapon in PUBG Mobile Lite.

You can only collect RPG-7 in Drops

RPG-7 in PUBG Mobile Lite

RPG-7 is able to destroy an entire enemy team

RPG-7 in PUBG Mobile Lite

With advanced targeting support, PUBG Mobile Lite RPG-7 can help players aim more correctly, even with high ping

RPG-7 in PUBG Mobile Lite

There was a strong reduction in the recoil of the weapon in PUBG Mobile Lite

With all the advantages of RPG-7 mentioned above, players are now capable of shooting at enemies with up to 90% hit rate on more targets. More than that, players can recover their health while moving at any speed.

PUBG Mobile Lite RPG-7 will be definitely a must-try weapon that is able to destroy the whole squad in just a bit even though it also has some drawbacks. If you know how to use RPG-7 wisely, you will have a higher chance of reaching the top 1! To try this weapon, make sure you download and install PUBG Mobile Lite game.

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