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Pubg Lite News shows you what changes and updates with the newest Lite version, as well as information about events, competitions and seasonal modes in PUBG.

Miramar August 23, 2019 PUBG Lite News

How to check the amount of L-COIN L-COIN is a brand new system that has been introduced to PUBG Lite...

Become A Primary Player
New PUBG Lite Event: Become A Primary Player
Miramar August 21, 2019 PUBG Lite News

Become A Primary Player is currently the latest PUBG Lite event in which players can log in to become the...

PUBG LITE Beta Test in Brazil and Turkey
It’s Simple To Explore PUBG Lite Beta Test In Brazil And Turkey!
Miramar June 5, 2019 PUBG Events, PUBG Lite News

PUBG LITE Beta Test expanded to Brazil & Turkey PUBG Lite PC Download has already landed on two realms Brazil...

PUBG Lite Game Patch Notes #07
New Features And Contents Are Added To PUBG Lite Game Via Patch Notes #07
Miramar May 6, 2019 PUBG Lite News, PUBG Lite Patch

With the latest updates in PUBG Lite game, you will enjoy this battle royale game in a more convenient and...