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PUBG LITE Open Beta Expansion Released
Play PUBG LITE Open Beta Expansion Released!

Enjoy PUBG LITE a lighter version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and do not ignore events! One of them is being played. Are you ready to join? Remember to check its information here! You will know many useful details, from the starting date to the way to...

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PUBG Lite Will Be Available Globally
PUBG Lite officially confirmed to open worldwide free

PUBG Lite will be available globally free! Aside from the previous posts related to PUBG Lite, specifically the release talking about launching the low-spec edition of PUBG Lite PC, you will receive the latest information about projects reserved for PUBG Lite. According to the current...

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PUBG Lite Update August 22, 2019
New PUBG Lite Update: Terms of Service Effective August 22, 2019

PUBG Lite Updated with Terms of Service Actually, all of the terms of service for PUBG Lite Game Download for PC will officially work since August 22, 2019. It is easy to test for more details about what has happened to the update for those...

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Pubg Mobile Patch Notes 0.14.0
Pubg Mobile Patch Notes 0.14.0 Introduces Zombie Infection Mode, New Character System, Features, And Bug Fixes

Here comes PUBG Mobile Patch Notes 0.14.0 with a wide range of features and major updates. This PUBG Mobile new update aims to fix a few popular bugs found in the game as well as refreshes the gameplay experience for all players by adding brand...

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