5 Best Games Like PUBG Mobile Lite With Attractive Gameplay And Light Capacity

Phoebe January 29, 2021 PUBG Lite News, PUBG Mobile Lite

The 5 best games like PUBG Mobile Lite below are hitting Android and iOS hard in a big way. They all have less than 2GB of RAM and are easy to install.

We recommend the best games like PUBG Mobile Lite for you. Each game has a different interesting feature and requires you to be able to adapt well. As far as you know, PUBG Mobile has completely dominated the battle royale game market over the past few years. But not all gamers have a powerful enough configuration to play the game. So the PUBG Mobile Lite game was released for service for 2 GB RAM Android devices.

5 games like PUBG Mobile Lite in 2021

1. Cyber Fire: A shooting game like PUBG Mobile Lite

On the off chance that you love battle royale with group modes and FPS Strike shooters, at that point, Cyber Fire: Free Battle Royale is the thing that you are searching for. Join the fight and crush all adversaries with your group. The game is free!

A vast guide, a wide assortment of game modes, a significant stockpile of weapons, testing rivals, and excellent sensible illustrations, be the last survivor.

2. ScarFall: The royale combat

Forty-eight players land on the island in ScarFall
Forty-eight players land on the island in ScarFall

ScarFall is an Indian online and offline multiplayer battle royale game. Forty-eight players land on the island or other genuine area maps where they need to fight for endurance. Players can decide to enter the match solo, pair, or crew.

Starfall begins with a devoted helicopter appointed to every player to travel to any course and land on their ideal area on the guide. When landed, players can look in structures, caverns, and the different regions for weapons, hardware, vehicles, and consumables to battle and get by until the end. Executed players leave a passing box behind them, which can be plundered by anybody. During the match, the landmark therapists’ playable zone to an arbitrary circle driving the players to assemble at a solitary point and battle for endurance. Players out of the playable area pull in nonstop harm, at last, bringing about an end to the match.

3. Cover Fire: Best games design like PUBG Mobile Lite

Cover Fire is one of the best free and offline shooting games you’ll ever enjoy on a mobile phone.

This is the best shooter game for the action, simple controls, realistic 3D graphics, and enjoyable offline missions. Get the right shooting gun for you and take action!

Play offline in a challenging single-player game, live online in competitive sniper shooting combat, and not stop shooting in cool war activities, such as cool war events.

4. Battle Royale: FPS Shooter

Players can access 30 weapons in Battle Royale: FPS Shooter
Players can access 30 weapons in Battle Royale: FPS Shooter

This get is an addictive battle royale shooter. It is enjoyable, although the mechanism and how much WiFi it burns is incredible. I recommend playing this if you have a secure Internet connection and a lot of storage.

To battle enemies, players can access over 30 different weapons. To enhance the look of their characters, they can also use various skins. Ads are short, graphics are great, and it’s not hard to get dubs. There aren’t many players per match but is that a bad thing.

5. Battlefield Royale: One of the best games like PUBG Mobile Lite in battles

Five types of equipment are included in the game, such as grenades, organ traps, abilities, body skills, and weapons. To help you survive the crisis, you can freely match the combination to produce your specific strategies. Battlefield Royale – the one is a God escape game.

In the beginning, the controls can be a little confusing. You can control your character’s movements with your left thumb, and the right one lets you control the camera, but you can also shoot, leap, duck down, or use your various gadgets.

Battlefield Royale is a battle royale that gives you some unique features, such as wacky gadgets and free perspective. The game also contains impressive graphics that are Fortnite-inspired.


Even if you only have a 2GB ram device, you can participate in the top 5 like PUBG Mobile Lite above. Download now and survive, win with your teammates.

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