Steps To Receive Bella PUBG New State For Free And Enjoy It In Your Battles

Phoebe April 25, 2022 PUBG Lite News

Bella PUBG New State makes many gamers excited to experience. The character Bella will be available to play after you collect special items on the Troi map.

Bella PUBG New State is a new character that has just appeared recently with a super personality. Now, gamers can get it permanently after completing some special missions. It promises to bring you a new feeling when surviving on the Troi map.

If you don’t know how to get it yet, don’t hesitate to refer to this article and see what you need to do. It requires some necessary items that you can find on the map, but getting them is up to your fighting ability and adventure.

Tasks to do to get Bella PUBG New State

As you may already know, PUBG New State has been updated recently, bringing many unique improvements and additions. In it, we must mention the appearance of a new character, named Bella. It is a girl with a personality with a beautiful appearance and well-designed outfits, accessories, and expressions.

The quests are a condition for you to receive Bella
The quests are a condition for you to receive Bella

Many gamers are very interested in this character, so they have been looking for ways to get it and enjoy a new experience in the new role. However, to do that, you need to go through many steps to complete the tasks, which are:

Finding Sam’s notes is the first step

Sam’s notes can be found at the town hall location on the map. You will easily recognize it with the information line “Sam’s note”. However, it is around the town hall location and of course, you need to compete with many other players to get them.

So, if you are a new player, it is best to come here at a slightly later time to avoid conflicts. On the contrary, if you are an experienced player and love fighting, feel free to start it right at the town hall after you leave the plane.

Find the hunter’s mask on PUBG New State troi map

You can find the hunter’s mask at only one location on the Troi map, which is the Vermount mansion. It’s easy to find with its striking yellow color, but you’re not the only one who wants it. Moreover, this place always attracts many gamers with its rich and valuable resources.

Wars are inevitable between players who want to hunt for hunter masks or simply want to loot items. You can start your survival adventure here to gain the edge for the road ahead. But pay attention, act strategically to protect your HP and items.

Find the town of Cornwall and hunt for paper cranes

You need a wise survival strategy to get items
You need a wise survival strategy to get items

Cornwall is a strategic location on the Troi map, consisting of many large clusters of houses. With such a large scale, it will probably take you a long time to find the fragments of paper cranes scattered there. So one piece of advice for you is to spend some time looking while you’re in your comfort zone.

Adventure and find posters for Bella PUBG New State concert

This is probably the easiest of the quests that you need to complete to get the character Bella. Since posters are everywhere on the map, finding it doesn’t seem too difficult. However, this mission requires you to move often to explore the map and locate the posters.

But this move will lead you to unwanted encounters with other players. Therefore, you need to have a smart plan to both adventure, loot items, and encounter enemies. Moreover, you should move by foot instead of vehicles to avoid making noise.

After completing all the above missions, you can go to the “story quest” and add items to get Bella PUBG New State. It is free forever for you to play the character at any time in the hit online battle royale battle. If you are a new player, please refer to how to download PUBG New State.

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