5 Tips & Tricks To Win Top Spot In PUBG Mobile: Cold Front Survival Game Mode

PUBG Mobile Game & Cold Front Survival Mode

PUBG Mobile added Cold Front Survival Mode! After the statement of the team, another game mode called Cold Front Survival was dropped into the playfield on April 16. As the name suggests, it will offer something for you to implement through various landscapes of Vikendi. According to a teaser image recently, it shows a drone, indicating that players will take an important role in Cold Front Survival.

Cold Front Survival mode was introduced in PUBG Mobile’s 0.17.0 beta. In which, joiners had to survive in extremely cold weather by searching and collecting firewood to light a fire. Not only that, they were forced to hunt for chickens and other animals. They could eat them during the time the harsh wave was happening.

It was considered a new PUBG Mobile game mode that would provide a timer for incoming cold waves. It was advantageous for survivors to seek shelter and accumulate resources.

Previous leaks pointed out that the other Library map and Gun Game mode could appear in the next PUBG Mobile updates.

Tips and tricks to dominate the scoreboard in PUBG Mobile Cold Front Survival game mode

Based on features that PUBG Mobile Cold Front Survival has, you can check corresponding strategies below.

  1. Gather wood
Gather wood

After starting PUBG Mobile: Cold Front Survival and landing on a strange map like Vikendi, you should do that. Remember that you will have to fight and fend off difficulties from the environment at once!

You can choose to evade conflict and focus on finding 5 branches of the tree at least in order to prepare for setting a fire. If your body’s temperature drops down, your HP will be reduced and you can die.

To use those materials, please enter a safe building first! Afterward, try to add wood to maintain the fire!

  1. Loot heaters and warm packs
Loot heaters and warm packs

After the 1st step from 5 tips & tricks to win the top spot in PUBG Mobile Cold Front Survival, you can test the following method.

They are crucial items that you will need when you go outside. They will cut down the damage that you may take from the weather. You can pick up as many as possible.

A warm pack can last 30 seconds. Further, it’s recommended to bring a heater with you. They are good at increasing your survivability.

In addition to the PUBG Mobile beginner’s guides related to fire, don’t forget to experience other tactics!

  1. Look out for small sparks on the mini-map
Look out for small sparks on the mini-map

Play PUBG Mobile, a cool version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, it is essential to keep an eye on the mini-map because it can reveal a few critical clues.

In case you catch sight of a fire, it means that there are a couple of enemies at that station. Once the cold mode is turned on, it is feasible for you to come into abandoned houses on the map and perform your shooting ability! Nonetheless, you must rapidly leave your position after the mode ends because your spot can be found, resulting in the failure of the entire team.

From the mini-map of PUBG Mobile Download, it is simple to hunt for the opponent’s location. It is helpful to attack and clear their squad swiftly.

Along with how to play PUBG Mobile, specifically in Cold Front Survival mode, you can take over the leaderboard in-game if you know how to ski.

  1. Skiing

As in the battlefield full of snow in PUBG Mobile Lite, it’s advised to take advantage of the terrain and available resources so as to be the winner soon.

Don’t worry! Snowboards are distributed across the ground and it is actually straightforward to grab one! Aside from sprinting, it is another tip to speed up and save your time. Particularly, skiing will not emit noise. Hence, it will support you to pass on the map without being visible.

  1. Utilize drone wisely
Utilize drone wisely

Drone is a machine that has definitely been launched in Cold Front Survival. It is ideal to scout the area around you. Unfortunately, it can’t move more than 300 meters from you. If you operate a drone, you can be detected and killed easier. Keep calm! Invite a friend to fly with you. He can protect you while you are driving.

Here are some tips and tricks to win Chicken Dinner in PUBG Mobile Cold Front Survival, a fun-addicting Arctic mode. For the latest PUBG Mobile news and more guides, please visit our site right now!

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