PUBG Lite is a shortened version of PUBG Mobile and will be a great choice for gamers to experience the cult survival gameplay on low-profile devices. It runs smoothly on many mobile phones and has good quality graphics although not comparable to the original version.

The game also has many modes and featured maps for you to experience the multiplayer battle. And of course, you will have a wide selection of weapons, items, armor, and more on the map. Make the ultimate strategy to fight other online players now!

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PUBG Lite retains the typical survival gameplay of the original game

Many players still wonder about the difference between PUBG Lite and its original version, PUBG Mobile. However, the difference is only in the quality of graphics, the size of the game and the content. Meanwhile, the game retains the cult battle royale gameplay that has attracted millions of global gamers.

You will start your game from a plane and land on the map. Your mission is to fight other survivors to become the last one standing. But first, move around the map to collect the necessary items, such as guns, bullets, backpacks, armor, hats, gun accessories, healing, first aid …

And to gain an advantage over other players, you need a clear strategy. If you are a patient player, you can avoid direct fights and focus on enriching your inventory. But the battles are inevitable, you will have to be ready to confront anyone.

This is the perfect shortened version of PUBG Mobile
This is the perfect shortened version of PUBG Mobile

If you’re an aggressive player, why not plan a raid or face-to-face combat? The best way to express yourself is to go to crowded places and hunt for your opponents. But to do this, of course, you need good equipment, especially guns, ammo and first aid boxes.

In terms of graphics, PUBG Lite has a significant reduction in image quality compared to PUBG Mobile. However, this should not affect your experience too much. You still see realistic characters and items, vivid and large open world context.

Besides, in terms of sound, the game is still well invested with background music and sounds from vehicle engines. You will listen to music while driving and feel the clear engine sound. In addition, your gunfire, footsteps and actions are still very vivid and real.

Typical maps and game modes

Erangel: This is the typical map in PUBG Mobile and of course is also present in this game. It is a long-abandoned military base but still has a classic beauty with sites such as hospitals, warehouses, nuclear plants and more. It is 8×8 km in size, big enough for you to adventure and find valuable items.

Lite version still owns unique maps and modes
Lite version still owns unique maps and modes

Miramar: It consists of scattered cities and areas with dune terrain typical of the desert. So this will be an interesting map to try to survive with a raid or hide strategy. It also contains typical weapons and vehicles to support your strategy.

Training Mode: Besides the typical battle royale mode, you can join PUBG Lite’s training mode. It is the same as the original mode but with a smaller number of players (about 20 players). Besides, it also includes many unique map terrain types to explore.

The training mode will be an ideal place for new gamers who have not yet mastered their gaming skills. If you are also a newbie, join this mode for adventure, practice shooting, fighting, parachuting, collecting items, learning how to use smoke bombs and grenades…

How to download and play PUBG Lite on the computer

The process of downloading and playing PUBG Lite on the computer is not too difficult. You can easily download it successfully if you follow our instructions. But this version was limited for users in Thai Lan. The link below shows you the way to download PUBG Lite. Discover some exciting features in the PUBG Lite version right now!

You can experience more wonderful things in PUBG game

In addition, many fans of the survival shooting series also hope that with PUBG Lite PC, they still have the opportunity to confront gamers running the full version of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds.

PUBG Lite is an ideal game for all the fans of shooting games! It’s a pity that you don’t download and play this game once! So let’s grab some friends, make a strong team, build a great strategy and kill your enemies! More latest news and exciting brand new features are waiting for you. Let’s check it out right now!

So, PUBG Lite is a perfect version of the game for you to play anytime and on any mobile device. Of course, it’s as attractive as the original version and what it has to offer is enough to keep you entertained. It will leave fans indifferent with the stable experience and realistic 3D graphics quality.